• SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions
  • SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions
  • SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions
  • SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions
SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions

SnoozeShade Original - 2014 limited editions

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  • Britain's best-selling sunshade and baby sleep aid for prams, buggies or pushchairs
  • Protects baby from 99% of UV rays (UPF50+) and makes any time sleep time. Approved by Melanoma International Foundation
  • Universal size - fits all single prams, pushchairs, travel systems and 3-wheelers


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  • Shade your baby from the sun

  • Help baby nap

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For 2014 we have introduced two new on-trend limited edition trims - magenta pink and steel grey

Do you . . .
* get tired of putting blankets over your pram to help baby sleep when they just fall off
* worry about protecting your baby's delicate skin on a sunny day
* want to encourage good sleeping habits and better napping on-the-go for your baby
* want to keep the sun out of baby's eyes
* find that baby finds it hard to nap when there's sun and bright lights
* notice that your baby finds it hard to switch off regardless of how tired they are
… then SnoozeShade Original, the world's first sun and sleep shade for prams, pushchairs and travel systems can help you.
It’s great for everyday use, holidays, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller.
According to Prima Baby magazine it's "The sleeping on-the-go solution that mums and babies have been waiting for".  
In just three years, the SnoozeShade range has won more than 30 awards worldwide and is endorsed by international baby sleep experts who recognise that it offers a simple solution to a common parental question "how do I get my baby to nap when we're out?"
SnoozeShade Original is a versatile pram or pushchair cover which can be used in fours ways to help babies sleep or to shade them from the elements (see our product images and YouTube videos to show you how).
It's a simple, safe, lightweight and secure alternative to hanging blankets over a buggy's hood or fighting with a parasol to help baby sleep and, most importantly, it works.  We asked over 300 parents if they would recommend SnoozeShade to a friend and 99% said yes.
SnoozeShade is made from soft breathable fabric and gives maximum sun protection from harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used indoors and outdoors.
The 'sneak-a-peek' zip enables you to quickly and quietly check on your baby and means you don't have to lift the whole cover up and let in lots of light.
SnoozeShade can be also used to shield babies from wind, chill, light rain and it also provides great protection from insects and bugs.
So how does it work? 
SnoozeShade helps little ones nod off by blocking light and blurring visual distractions that can keep them stimulated and awake (even when they're really tired).  We call it a 'breathable blackout blind' (as you'd never want to cover a pram with the thick fabric of a real blackout blind) as it helps babies sleep in a similar way by making it dark enough to sleep but not so dark to be scary. We find it works with babies who are used to sleeping in complete darkness (even though they can see it's daytime outside) or babies who are normally too nosy to switch off as it stops them from being able to see anything interesting enough to keep them awake. It has jokingly been said that we bore babies to sleep!  
Parents often find when they start to use SnoozeShade regularly, it becomes a sleep trigger for their child in the same way that shutting the curtains in the nursery is a signal that it is sleep time. 
Benefits include:
*  maximum sun protection - blocks 99% of the sun's UV rays (UPF50+)
*  blurs visual distractions that can keep babies from falling to sleep by themselves
*  can be used in four ways to help baby nap or create valuable shade from the sun
*  helps maintain baby’s sleep routine wherever you are
*  discourages well-meaning people from disturbing your sleeping baby
*  made from soft stretchy breathable fabric which doesn’t retain heat
*  can be used year-round to keep sun, wind, chill and insects at bay
*  check easily on baby with the sneak-a-peek™ front zip
*  quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small
*  fits all styles of prams, pushchairs and buggies (3 or 4 wheel)
TOP TIP: Please make sure you visit our YouTube video channel (youtube.com/snoozeshade) to see videos on how to use SnoozeShade Original in different ways.
99% of our customers would recommend SnoozeShade to their friends - so what do they say?  
"Just back from Cyprus on holiday and our little Miss slept really well under her SnoozeShade."
"We bought this for a holiday and it was fab, it protected our 16 month old from the sun while she napped during the day and she slept each night in the buggy while we went out for dinner and drinks, and have used it loads back at home when out after her bedtime - definitely a 'must have' purchase!  An inexpensive life changing product."
"This fits over our carry cot and car seat on the pushchair frame. It blocks the sun out really well. The zip is brilliant to keep checking on my baby."
"Our little lady is a notoriously fussy sleeper and will only sleep in her cot with the right blankets, music etc. When we were heading off on summer holidays I popped this over her buggy in the airport and after a five minute walk around, she dropped off. We were delighted. It blocked out enough distraction to let her relax but wasn't so pitch-dark that she was scared. I wish I'd had it on earlier holidays when she was smaller as it is the perfect sunshade (much better than my muslin and clothes peg contraption."
"Does what it says on the tin. Blocks out both light and sun, is cool and lightweight, and really does what it says on the tin, my daughter sleeps happily in her buggy."
"My baby is very inquisitive and does not sleep easily during the day. I have found that on those occasions when she has dropped off in her pram, the shade has prolonged a brief snooze into a longer and more restful sleep, as she is not distracted. There is a very marked difference when the shade is not used."
It's safety first at SnoozeShade:  The SnoozeShade range is tested above and beyond required European and US safety standard requirements. We believe that SnoozeShade is a sleep aid and so should conform to higher safety standards than a normal pram or pushchair accessory. Our products are designed to meet the same safety standards as a toy. We have short straps (to prevent strangulation or entrapment), our zips are super strong and we don't use buttons or toggles (to prevent a choking hazard) and even the mesh bag has a safety feature built into the drawstring we use. This makes our job a bit harder when designing products and more expensive to make but we believe that we are producing the safest products possible.


  • Maximum-rated sun protection shields baby from 99% of harmful UV rays (UPF50+)
  • Proven to help babies sleep on-the-go. It blurs visual distractions and reduces stimulation to help baby switch off.
  • Endorsed by international baby sleep experts and approved by the INPAA (Infant & Nursery Association of Australia)
  • Year-round protection from sun, wind, chill, light rain and insects
  • Use in four ways to help baby sleep or create shade
  • Front 'sneak-a-peek' zip lets you check easily on baby
  • Quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small. Made from soft stretchy breathable fabric
  • One size fits all single strollers including 3-wheelers
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
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