How to Handle Naps During a Summer Festival

Festival season is still in full swing here in the UK and here at Snooze HQ we’re loving hearing all about the amazing adventures you guys are having! One thing we keep receiving messages about though, is how to keep naps on track amidst all the fun and frivolities. On the one hand we’re huge advocates of living your life and taking a break from the routine now and then (a little disruption doesn’t hurt, right?) but we’re also huge believers in doing what’s best for your individual family. And that best might well be sticking to your usual schedule like glue. So how to do that, and have fun with the family at the same time? This week we’re looking at three clever ways to handle naps during a summer festival. Do let us know what’s worked for you this summer!

How to Handle Naps During a Summer

Use your SnoozeShade

But, of course! The one tried and tested way that we know to guarantee  better sleep while you’re out and about is the SnoozeShade. Not only will the SnoozeShade provide vital sun protection (or, let’s face it- vital protection against light wind and rain!), but it will create a shady nook for your little one to take a nap in too. We recommend sticking to your usual nap routine as much as you can, and when your little one would usually go down for a sleep, pop them in the pram or stroller and attach the SnoozeShade. Now that you have a darkened environment, you’re half way there.

If you can, take a stroll or a power walk and use the motion of the pram to lull your baby to sleep. Try to avoid the nosiest and most crowded areas of the festival if you can, and make sure you check regularly on your baby too. Because you’re away from home and without many of your usual hime comforts, you might find naps are shorter than normal but this happens don’t panic. Simply bring bedtime forward a little if you can to compensate. Lots of babies use the SnoozeShade as a sleep cue so as soon as it goes on they know it’s time to sleep.

Plan your day around nap times

As soon as you arrive, grab a program of events so that you can start to plan your day around your babes nap times- and around the parts of the festival you really don’t want to miss. It’s a good idea to stay as flexible as you can so that you can still enjoy all the things you bought your ticket to enjoy, without compromising on your’s baby’s essential sleep. Try to plan naps for the quieter parts of the day, and find a spot where you know your baby is less likely to be disturbed during nap time. If there is a chill out area, make use of it when you need it!

Stay calm

At the end of the day, you won’t be attending festivals every day- a little disruption to your baby’s routine really isn’t the end of the world. Yes, you’ve worked hard to get a good routine going, but as soon as you’re home you can resurrect that same routine and it won’t take long for your baby to settle down again.

That said, don’t skip naps altogether. Staying flexible in your routine means possibly delaying naps a little, or moving them forward to suit your plans for the day- but cutting naps out completely is often a recipe for disaster. An over tired baby will be no fun and will find it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep at nighttime too. Take it in turns to see to the baby at nap time so you and the rest of your party don’t miss out on the things you really want to see, and don’t expect your baby to be able to stay awake all day if they’re used to taking naps.

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