How to Nail the Naps

Nap time is the BEST time, but only if your baby actually uses that time to sleep. Otherwise, that precious part of every parent’s day can quickly become a war zone. There’s nothing quite like the promise of a hot cup of tea disappearing before your eyes as one overtired baby continues to cry and fuss in your arms. So how do we get it right? Read our guide on how to nail the naps…

How to Nail the

Look out for cues that baby is tired

You might know that it’s nap time for your baby when toys lose their appeal and little eyes are rubbed. Some babies are prone to dramatic yawning, and some will start to fuss, or move their head from side to side if you try to engage with them. Pay attention! These are all cues that your baby is tired and nap time is needed.

Now, while these cues may be well and good, we all know that sometimes it’s not enough for some babies. They can be as tired as they like, but sometimes they just won’t nap. So what then?

Set the scene

Experts agree that some babies need a lot more ‘wind down’ time than others. Some babies will need you to be a lot more hands on to help them to fall asleep too. Keep nap times regular and calm and make sure your little ones knows that it’s time for sleep. If you have a good bedtime routine then use those same steps (minus the bath, if that is part of your night time routine) so that your baby is under no illusion that it is time for sleep.

Try to be consistent

We’re not here to judge. However you choose to get your baby to sleep is your business and if you follow one school of thought over another, that is perfectly fine. But consistency is needed if you want to nail nap times. Don’t take away a dummy one afternoon then let baby have it the next. Changing approaches like this can confuse babies and that can never be good for naps.

Let your baby lead you

Some babies might take a long nap in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. Others may be the total opposite. Whatever works for your family and meets your baby’s needs is fine- you know them best, so don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

Don’t let nap times rule your life

Nap time may be the best time, but it doesn’t need to be the sole focus of your day. If you have plans, simply take your SnoozeShade out with you so that baby can sleep wherever you are. While some babies really don’t fare well when you break their routine, most will allow a little shuffle now and then if needs must, so don’t be afraid to change your timings if you really have to- as long as you set the scene as previously mentioned, then nap time should still be a success.


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