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Tips for Coping in a Heatwave

Here at SoozeShade we’re not sure when we’re going to feel comfortable classing our recent weather as ‘summer’- but for now it’s a heatwave, and so this week we’re looking at ways to cope. We asked our lovely community for their top tips, and we’ve got some great brands for you to check out too….

Travelling with kids: guest post

Today’s post is from Chelle, who blogs at The Mumington Post. Chelle is a mother of two and is writing today about her experience travelling with kids. There are some great tips here too! When I became a mum of 2 a few weeks ago I didn’t really consider the logistics of travelling with 2 children….

Win with Love Mornings!

How’s the sleep situation in your house? Are you getting enough? If the answer is no, you might be more than a little interested in today’s exclusive giveaway! We’ve teamed up with Love Mornings to bring you, finally, a solution to your baby sleep problems. If sleepless nights, early mornings, cranky kids and tethers fraying…

SnoozeShade Sunday – February 2014

Hello! the weekend after Valentine’s day, so that can only mean one thing – that our SnoozeShade Sunday this weekend is all about love, love and more love. In case you’ve not heard of SnoozeShade Sunday before, here’s how it works. 1. Each month, I run a giveaway where five winners get to choose a…