FAQs. We’ve pulled together the most common questions we get asked. If it’s not answered here please contact us directly by phone, email, Twitter or Facebook..

General Snoozy questions

What warranty or guarantee do you offer?

All SnoozeShade products are guaranteed to be fault-free for one year from purchase.

I am very proud of the fact that we set such high standards in our manufacturing that we very rarely get faults. However, there is always the odd exception.

Customer happiness is very important to me so please get in touch if your product has a fault as we’ll do what we can to help you, replace your product or if it’s out of warranty give you a discount on a new one.


What sun protection do SnoozeShade products give?

All SnoozeShade products have the highest levels of sun protection on the market and are approved by the Melanoma International Foundation.

Other sunshades on the market actively promote themselves as UPF50+ but choose to ignore the areas which your child can see out of when making this calculation. The facts are that if you can see your child then so can the sun.

In a single layer, our fabric is darker than others because it gives the most protection and blocks 80% of UV whilst allowing little ones to see out.

If you see a product with a transparent layer or a paler window it simply won’t be giving any sun protection (unless it’s been chemically treated). We like to be very open about exactly what protection is given and where. Not all sunshade manufacturers are the same (which makes me very cross).

The SnoozeShade classic range (which are all black) has maximum sun protection and blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays (UPF50+).  The fabric used for SnoozeShade products is made especially for us, it is air-permeable whilst providing high level sun protection.

The Deluxe range blocks up to 97.5% of UV.  This is simply because it is a lighter colour.  Black is best for blocking UV but some customers wanted a different colour choice so the silvery grey was designed to maintain high UV protection with a different look.

With some sunshades offering as little as 60% shade versus 100% shade for SnoozeShade (when in a double layer) you can see that you need to be careful in understanding the protection you are getting. This then enables you to make educated choices about what other methods of sun protection eg hats, lotions and clothing as needed.


You call it a blackout shade. How dark is it?

Blackout curtains block 100% of light and therefore cannot be made of breathable fabric. All SnoozeShade products block 94% of light when the fabric is in a double layer– which means that it will significantly darken the inside of your pram/stroller, cot or car seat.

Your child will be able to make out shapes and movement, tell whether it’s day or night – but it takes away their ability to latch onto anything stimulating.

Time and time again, parents have reported back that normally their baby fights sleep when out and about but will nap happily under their SnoozeShade no matter where they are.

One question we get asked jokingly is ‘Is it soundproof?’ It’s not, but we’ve had reports from parents who have used SnoozeShade at noisy weddings, festivals, airports, theme parks and in brightly lit busy shopping centres with great success because it takes away their baby’s ability to latch onto anything stimulating. The end result in a well-rested child.

Great news for everyone.

Do I need to use all the straps?

SnoozeShade for prams and pushchairs:
SnoozeShade has been designed to fit every pram and stroller on the market. To date we’ve not found one that it doesn’t fit. There is always a way.

This means that whether you use all the straps or just a few depends on the pram you are trying to fit it to. On some you may need to use all the straps. On others you may only need to use one or two pairs. So don’t worry that it ‘doesn’t fit’ just because you can’t use all the straps – you may not need to.

We have done a quick video on our YouTube channel that shows you how to use the straps on your pram, stroller or buggy in two ways.  It’s worth watching as you may not realise how the straps can be attached. If you are not using some of the straps we recommend that you attach the pair to each other and then tuck them away to avoid the Velcro hooks catching the fabric.

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats:

The way we recommend you fit this is to tightly wrap the two top straps around the rigid carry handle. This then enables you to carry the car seat as normal. If you have a maxi-cosi car seat that has a built in canopy that attaches to the handle simple take it off and leave it down.  If your car seat has its own canopy (like a pushchair) you can use SnoozeShade over this as the canopy will provide support. However if it’s hot we suggest you lower the canopy as it is not made of air-permeable fabric and will trap hot air whereas SnoozeShade fabric won’t.

SnoozeShade for Cots and Travel Cots:
You must attach all the straps around the legs of the cot for safety purposes. If possible, double wrap the straps for the safest fit.

What does breathable fabric actually mean?

SnoozeShade’s unique fabric is woven so that you can literally put it over your face and breathe comfortably through it.

SnoozeShade create a a well-ventilated environment for baby, through which air can circulate freely. This means it is air-permeable which is more important than breathability. A breathable fabric is not necessarily air-permeable.

Some products use phrases like ‘truly or 100% breathable’ – this is just marketing hype.









SnoozeShade fabric has been tested in a respected independent testing laboratory for air-permeability and breathability and scored ‘very high’ for both qualities.

However, of course, we don’t recommend you put any fabric directly over a baby’s face.

Why is SnoozeShade black? Doesn’t it attract the heat?

Many people think that anything black gets hotter but in reality colour has very little to do with the creation of heat.  More important is what material the product is made from and the amount of ventilation that it provides.

SnoozeShade fabric is a mesh air-permeable polyester weave (with lots of small holes) that easily allows fresh air in and out.

Just to be extra sure we had the fabric tested by a well respected independent laboratory which showed that our fabric scores highly in air permeability (which means air gets in and out easily).

Black is also the best colour for UV protection as it blocks the most UV rays without needing to be chemically treated.

Most sunshades are black or dark coloured for this reason.  A darker colour creates a shaded environment inside the pram. After all, you go into the shade to stay cool on a hot day. A quick test is to put your arm out into the direct sun – it burns, now put it in the shade – even if it’s still hot the burn has gone.

As we get asked this question so much, we asked one of the UK’s leading thermal physicists to explain the science behind the colour versus heat question.

Parents often comment on how surprised they are when it feels cooler inside the pram on a hot day:

“It worked a treat, he fell straight to sleep every night and it seemed a lot cooler in his pushchair then it did in the entertainment venue, which was an added bonus as he suffers from severe eczema and the heat irritates him.”

“The mesh material allows air in, while keeping the light out. The interior of the carriage also stays nice and cool.”

“I have used it on the beach during our vacation and my 7 month old went right to sleep. The material lets air in but keeps the sunlight out. People were asking if my son was baking underneath and I offered to let them place their hand under to see just how cool it was inside.”

“My son naps best when it’s dark. It’s breathable so he doesn’t sweat. It’s always attached to our bugaboo stroller. We love it!”

If it is a hot day but with no breeze then SnoozeShade cannot cool the ambient temperature but it will not be hotter and, most importantly, your baby’s skin will not burn. UV heat contributes 20% towards heat stroke whereas the actual temperature only contributes 10% – so get in the shade!

Be aware that prams and car seats are often made from solid fabric that may heat up and if it has a long low hood then hot air has nowhere to go which can make it stuffy.

In cases like this we suggest you retract the hood and use SnoozeShade to allow maximum airflow.

Can I use SnoozeShade products all year round?

Baby not sleeping? You can use SnoozeShade products at any time of year, whenever you want to encourage baby to sleep in the pram, stroller baby car seat or cot or protect from strong sun.

In cooler months it stretches over foot muffs and keeps light rain, wind and chill at bay. In shade mode it can be used to protect baby’s eyes when the sun is low in the Spring, Autumn and Winter or on a bright sunny Summer’s day.

It can also protect from mosquitos, cats and other pesky insects.

Can I use SnoozeShade products indoors?

Yes. But don’t just take our word for it.  A reviewer from Which? commented:  “Our tester was impressed. Her baby slept for twice as long as he usually would when in his buggy. It even helped her baby get to sleep in the middle of a noisy toddler group.”

Your baby’s sleep routine can be maintained wherever you have to be – restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, theme parks, airports or festivals. The possibilities are endless.

How does using SnoozeShade help my baby and I?

Helping baby sleep

SnoozeShade is like a portable blackout blind for on-the-go families It enables you to be out and about but still maintain your baby sleep routine. It’s the only one of its kind to be endorsed by a number of international baby sleep experts and approved by the Melanoma International Foundation.

Until I invented SnoozeShade, the only option for us parents was to throw makeshift items over a pram or pushchair like blankets or muslins. These are not always made from air permeable fabric, do not give sun protection, have to be lifted up letting in light that wakes up baby or just simply fly off with the slightest breeze or jolt.

Using a SnoozeShade becomes a sign to sleep or sleep trigger for babies – like closing the curtains in a nursery. Baby starts to recognise that when SnoozeShade goes on it’s time to sleep.

SnoozeShade helps babies sleep as it takes away their ability to latch onto anything stimulating and creates a cosy comfortable healthy nap environment wherever you are.

Deeper, longer sleep with no interruptions means your baby gets the sleep that he or she needs and we all know that well-rested happy babies mean everyone in the family has an easier time!

Many parents also use SnoozeShade to prevent well-meaning people from touching and disturbing their sleeping baby.

Helping parents get out and about

The SnoozeShade range allows you the flexibility to get and about when you need to without disturbing your baby’s sleep routine. It’s ideal for holidays, appointments, trips to the park, shopping, coffee with friends – in fact, any time you need to do something when baby needs to sleep.

No more throwing blankets over the pram (which blow away), or pegging muslins (which become a distraction as baby starts to play with it) or covering the stroller with a coat in colder weather.

With the addition of the SnoozeShade for Cots and Travel Cots you also don’t have to worry when you stay with friends or family who have never heard of curtains!

Should I still use other sunscreens whilst using SnoozeShade?

Dependent on the age of your child, yes.

Doctors recommend that babies aged under 6 months are kept out of direct sunlight completely as their skin does not have enough melanin to stop burning.

Medical opinion is divided on the use of sunscreen as infant skin is so thin that putting a sunscreen on could be harmful but so could getting burned. Most doctors take a common sense approach and recommend applying a small amount only to areas that may be exposed to the sun.

There other sun protection methods eg seeking shade, hats, sunglasses and other recognised methods of sun protection.

For further advice on keeping your child safe in the sun, we recommend the UK’ s NHS advice here and, if you are travelling abroad, it is worth checking local advice for the country you are visiting.

How does SnoozeShade work when it’s warm?

SnoozeShade products are not an air conditioning unit for strollers, infant car seats and cots (we don’ t think anyone has invented one of those yet!). What they will do is give your child shade from the sun in a safe, secure and air-permeable way.

If you do have to be out in excessively hot conditions, SnoozeShade will protect your baby’s delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays – UV is a bigger contributor to heat stress – more so than the ambient temperature. This is so important with more and more evidence being found to show that sun damage in the early years of life can increase a person’s risk of skin cancer later in life.

But remember that if it is hot and sticky outside it will be hot and sticky inside the pram.  If you’re not moving around then seek shade, turn the pram or car seat out of direct sunlight and make sure you check on your baby’s comfort regularly.

Also if your buggy has a long deep hood its fabric will not be breathable and it will trap hot air. In which case pull the hood back and use SnoozeShade to protect from UV and allow air to move.

What safety testing has the SnoozeShade range been through?

As a mother, I invented SnoozeShade to use with my own daughter and therefore safety has always been at the heart of SnoozeShade product design.

For me, safety must come first above all else, and SnoozeShade is proud to be a ‘function over fashion’ product. We can’t make it in pretty colours as that would reduce the UV protection.

As a pram or pushchair accessory there are surprisingly few required safety standards. I wanted to make SnoozeShade as safe as possible and all products are designed to be as safe as toys which do have strict safety regulations.

As a mother, I know that if SnoozeShade is as safe as a toy then it’s as safe as possible.

The BS EN 71 toy test means you cannot have straps that stretch longer than 22cm – over that length and it becomes a strangulation hazard. This was highlighted on BBC2’s ‘Britain’s Next Best Thing’ TV programme in 2011 when a pram product was rejected by Boots’ safety experts for having overly long straps. If you see a product that has long straps then it has not been tested to this standard (and it’s not the law that they are).

This is one of the reasons that we choose to have multiple straps rather than a couple of longer ones that would reach around the stroller frame or hood and why our drawstring bags have Velcro halfway along the straps.

It is also why we use Velcro and YKK (expensive) zips as they are designed to comply with anti-choking regulations. The poppers that we use on the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe are safety certified.

Every product has been designed to comply with European Standards, particularly with reference to BS EN 71 standard for the safety of child use and care articles. In addition, the SnoozeShade range has been tested, and is compliant with, the following safety standards:

BS EN 71 : Part 3 : 1994 Safety of Toys – Migration of Certain Elements

BS EN 71 : Part 2 : 2006 Safety of Toys – Flammability

CEN/TR 13387 Safety Guidelines

BS EN 13758 PART 1 (2002)   – UV Radiation Through Clothing

BS EN 13758 – 1:2002  – Textiles Solar UV Protective Properties with measurement made in the visible light range

BS EN ISO 105-X12: 2002 – Colour Fastness to Rubbing:

REACH 1907/2006 Annex XVII (tests for presence of banned Azo dyes)

BS EN ISO 14184: Part 2 1988 (tests for presence of formaldehyde)

All products are also CPSIA compliant for the US.

SnoozeShade Original and Original Deluxe

How does SnoozeShade Original work?

SnoozeShade Original creates a comfortable sleep environment for babies by enabling them to switch off from the busy world around them. Babies often wake up during their natural sleep cycle and if they see something interesting, eg their parents or a duck pond, then it can stimulate them which prevents them going back to sleep. SnoozeShade creates a rather ‘boring’ environment which is comfortingly dark and removes the visual stimuli that could result in baby fighting sleep.

The Original blocks 94% of light and 99% of UVA and UVB rays (UPF50+) and the Original Deluxe blocks 94% of light and 97.5% of UV enabling them to sleep better and longer.

Many parents use SnoozeShade to prevent well-meaning people from touching and disturbing their sleeping baby.

We recommend using the Original from birth until your child doesn’t want to be covered up any more or wants to see out – in which case we’d recommend getting the Plus or Plus Deluxe that have a front viewing window.

What’s the sneak-a-peek zip for?

When a blanket or coat is thrown over a pram, pushchair or travel systems for baby it usually means you have to lift it up to check on baby, which then lets in light which can disturb your sleeping baby (or baby who is trying to sleep).

All SnoozeShade pram products feature a unique sneak-a-peek™ zip which enables you to quickly, discreetly and quietly check on your snoozing baby. You can choose to have it open or closed – whatever works for you.

How do I know SnoozeShade Original will fit my pram or pushchair?

SnoozeShade Original has been designed to fit every pram stroller or buggy on the market. And we haven’t yet found one that it doesn’t fit.

But this does meant that you don’t necessarily need to use all the straps provided for a great fit.  The multiple Velcro straps means there are a multitude of ways to attach it but if you are unsure check out our YouTube channel which has a range of videos packed full of fitting tips.

It’s also very simple to fit, after all, it was designed by a real mum who knows how annoying fiddly products can be.

Can I use SnoozeShade with a rain cover?

SnoozeShade fabric will protect baby from light rain or drizzle. I’ve used it myself when I’ve been caught short with my daughter. I’ve heard of a customer caught in an Indian monsoon whose child stayed dry under their SnoozeShade but I wouldn’t call it waterproof.

In the event of heavy rain, SnoozeShade will fit under or over most popular pram, stroller and buggy rain covers.

They are also machine washable and can be popped in the tumble dryer on a low heat to dry if needed.

Is SnoozeShade Original suitable for double-width strollers?

All our SnoozeShade pushchair products can be used with double-width strollers as long as each seat in the stroller has its own hood – just use one SnoozeShade per hood.

It is not suitable for double-width buggies that share one wide hood.

Can I use SnoozeShade Original all year round?

You can use SnoozeShade Original at any time of year -whenever you want to shade baby from the sun, wind or chill and help baby to sleep.

It also protects baby from pesky mosquitoes, midges and other annoying insects. It also deters cats and well-meaning people who want to disturb your napping child.

Is there a best age for me to use SnoozeShade Original?

You can use SnoozeShade Original from birth.  The more regularly you use it, the quicker your baby will start to recognise it as a sleep trigger or cue.

Think of it in the same way as shutting the curtains in the nursery – when SnoozeShade Original goes on the baby starts to know that it’s nap time.  When SnoozeShade Original is out of sleep mode baby knows it’s awake time.

Parents often comment that their baby has slept better and longer than normal with SnoozeShade as it allows them to get the sleep they need rather than the sleep they can grab in a busy environment. This means your baby sleep routine is maintained no matter where you are.

How long can I use SnoozeShade Original with my child?

Use SnoozeShade Original as long as you and your baby are content and comfortable using it. Some of our customers tell us they are still using it well into their child’s third year but every child is different.

As a general rule, if your child is sitting up in the pram and/or very nosy we recommend SnoozeShade Plus and the Plus Deluxe.  They both have a single-layer front window which blocks 80% of UV but enables little ones to look out and enjoy the sights.


What’s the difference between SnoozeShade Original Deluxe and SnoozeShade Original?

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe gives parents an alternative colour choice of lustrous silvery grey with black trim (instead of the usual black and green trim) and uses the world’s only safety certified poppers (instead of Velcro).

The Deluxe provides high level UV protection and blocks 97.5% (UPF40+). The Original blocks 99% and is UPF50+.


SnoozeShade Plus and SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

What’s the difference between Plus and Original?

We describe SnoozeShade Original as Stage 1 (from birth) and SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe as Stage 2 (from 6 months).

As little ones get older and more alert (or nosy) they can start to resist being covered up – regardless of how much we parents know they need to nap.

My daughter decided at about 28 months old that she didn’t want her SnoozeShade Original on any more. So we came up with a new approach – SnoozeShade Plus – a stroller sunshade – with an integrated large mesh viewing window that allows little ones to see out but still be be  protected from 80% of UV rays.

This was then further adapted for the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe which allows you access to baby via a fully opening front panel.

SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is larger, deeper and wider than SnoozeShade Original.

What’s the difference between SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe and SnoozeShade Plus?

I’ve created a chart to show the differences between the two Plus versions:


Is SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe suitable for double-width strollers?

All our SnoozeShade products can be used with double-width strollers as long as each seat in the stroller has it’s own hood – you will need one SnoozeShade per hood. It is not suitable for double-width buggies that share one wide hood.

For fitting tips we have a range of (very) short demonstration videos on our SnoozeShade YouTube channel which shows how to fit our products to a wide range of strollers in different ways.

The one key point we make is that you don’t have to use all the straps for it to fit. You may only need to use one pair of straps to be happy.

When can I start to use SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe?

SnoozeShade Plus and Plus Deluxe are designed for use with babies aged 6 months and above, who are sitting up in the pram or for extremely nosy babies that want to see out and hate being completely covered.

We recommend that you use SnoozeShade Original from birth until baby wants to see out.

SnoozeShade Twin

SnoozeShade Twin is currently being redesigned – there are still a few available to buy on Amazon.co.uk

If your double, twin, tandem (where one pram is in front of the other) or side by side pushchair has two separate hoods then we suggest you buy an Original or Plus per child (dependent on the age of your little ones).

If your little one is under 6 months we recommend the Original and if over 6 months old we recommend the Plus Classic or Plus Deluxe.

If you have bought a SnoozeShade Twin from elsewhere, then you can find a short video  on our YouTube Channel with tips on how to attach it your double pram or stroller.

If you have a question that has not been answered then please click here to send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats

Click on any question to link to the answer below.

Remember – don’t leave your child unattended in the car at ANY time but especially on a hot day when a car can heat up exceptionally quickly.

What's the difference between SnoozeShade Infant Car Seats and SnoozeShade Infant Car Seats Deluxe?

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Deluxe offers the added advantage of two zips on either side of the see through mesh window.

This means that you can choose to unzip the inner flap to the level that suits you which allows baby or you to peak through without any barriers

Available in an alternative lustrous grey colour it blocks 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays (UPF40+) when fully done up (versus 99% for our black SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats)

Will SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats will fit my infant carrier?

We’ve made both SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats very simple to fit onto almost any Group 0/0+ infant car seat or carrier.

Simply attach the straps tightly around the rigid carry handle when it’s upright and pull the shade over the car seat base. If you have a maxi-cosi style car seat with a canopy that attaches to the handle simply take it down.

Please note: The only type of baby car seat that SnoozeShade will not fit is sleeper or carrycot styles as they have a longer body

If you have this sleeper style, you can use SnoozeShade Original when the car seat is attached to the stroller frame as a baby travel system.

When can I start to use SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats?

You can use SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats from birth. Your baby will start to recognise it as a sleep trigger. It works in a similar way to shutting the curtains in the nursery – the baby starts to work out that when SnoozeShade goes on it’s naptime.

Parents often comment that their baby has slept better and longer than normal with SnoozeShade as it allows them to get the sleep they need rather than the sleep they can grab on the go. This means that you can maintain your baby routine no matter where you are.

“What I love most about the SnoozeShade is that it protects my daughter from public exposure. People love to see little babies and want to touch them and I am so concerned about the germs that my daughter can be exposed to… specially since she doesn’t get her vaccines until she is 2 months old” Cathy, USA

“We live in Abu Dhabi, UAE so, as you can imagine, its very bright here all year round and my girls wouldn’t sleep for very long when I took them out. The SnoozeShades have changed all that!” Amanda, UAE

How long can I use SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats?

You can carry on using SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats for as long as your baby is content and comfortable using it.

Always follow the car seat manufacturer’s advice on when to move your baby into the next group of seat.

As your baby gets bigger the SnoozeShade family of products for prams and pushchairs, will continue to help them sleep when travelling with baby.

SnoozeShade for Cots and Travel Cots

Here are the most frequently asked questions that we are asked about SnoozeShade for Cots and Travel Cots – if you have any further questions, please contact us direct and we’ll be happy to help.


How do I know that SnoozeShade will fit my Travel cot or cot?

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots fits all popular rectangular travel cots that are sized up to 105cm long and 80cm wide (when assembled) and take a 95cm x 65cm mattress. It has also been used very successfully with the triangular style cots eg BabyBjorn Travel Cot or Phil and Ted’s Traveller Travel Cot.

SnoozeShade for Cots fits all standard European or continental cots – specifically a cot that will take a mattress sized 120cm x 60cm.

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots and SnoozeShade for Cots are not suitable for use with a crib, cradle, bassinette, cotbed, carrycot or playpen or pop up style tent travel cots.

We also have a version for Cotbeds in development. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for these please contact us.

How do I use SnoozeShade?

How do I use SnoozeShade for Travel Cots or Cots when it’s hot?

If it is hot and humid during the day or night it will be hot and humid inside the travel cot too.  Ensure the travel cot or cot is out of direct sunlight, use breathable fabrics for baby’s clothing and bedding, minimise blankets and clothing on baby and check on your sleeping baby regularly.

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots and SnoozeShade for Cots will provide shade and allow air to circulate – so if there’s cooler air and a breeze then it will flow through the cot. You can also raise both side panels to allow extra air flow, and keep the top open.

How long can I use SnoozeShade for Travel Cots and SnoozeShade for Cots?

You can use SnoozeShade for Travel Cots and Cots for as long as your baby is content and comfortable using them.

We recommend that you do not use either product if and when your child is able to climb out unaided.

Sun safety tips