Make money from recommending - all over the 🌏
We'd love you to start an affiliate account with us so you can start earning when you recommend SnoozeShade products - giving customers a discount at the same time! 

We have four websites
We sell in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.  The US, Canada and Australia only ship locally from warehouses within those countries - but we ship worldwide from our UK website.

It's super easy to sign up and create your own discount code  - keep it short and simple. Then every time you share it you'll give clients/followers a 10% discount off all SnoozeShade products, and earn 10% for yourself (or 5% if they buy a bundle as these are already heavily discounted) 

If you have clients around the world you can sign up for all of them - just set up the same code for each website.  

🇬🇧 UK sign up  (also for any rest of world orders not covered below)
🇺🇸 USA sign up    
🇨🇦 Canada sign up
🇦🇺 Australia sign up 


If you have any queries please do contact us here.