Make money from recommending SnoozeShade all over the 🌏
We'd love you to join our affiliate scheme with us so you can start earning when you recommend SnoozeShade products and giving friends, followers or clients a nice discount at the same time! 

We have three websites
We sell in the UK, US and Australia.  The US and Australia only ship locally from their warehouses - but we ship worldwide from our UK website.

It's super easy to sign up and create your own discount code  - keep it short and simple. Then every time you share it you'll give clients/followers a 10% discount off all SnoozeShade products, and earn a higher than Amazon 5% commission for yourself.

If you have clients around the world you can sign up for all of them - just set up the same code for each website.  

🇬🇧 UK sign up  (also for any rest of world orders not covered below)
🇺🇸 USA sign up    
🇦🇺 Australia sign up 


If you have any queries please get in touch.