Snoozeshade Baby Sleep Guide

It’s probably the issue most discussed by new parents. Is your baby sleeping enough? Is he sleeping too much? Are YOU getting enough? How are you going to get her to sleep through? And how will you cope when you go back to work? Whoever coined the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ surely can’t have had children!

At SnoozeShade, mums are always telling us that they’ve tried lots of different sleep plans but it took them a while to hit on the right one (I personally used a combination). To help you find what works for you easily, we’ve put together this quick and simple guide to baby sleep experts and how their methods work so you can find the one (or two or three) that will best suit you and your baby.

Like most aspects of parenting, there’s no right or wrong answer as to how to crack the problem of sleep. The internet and book shops are full of people propounding their particular theories and, as a new parent, it can feel like a minefield. There’s a huge range of sleep plans and sleep training options you can follow, from the quick and no-nonsense, such as controlled crying, to the very gentlest of sleep methods that involve staying with your baby until she drifts off to sleep. No one plan is ‘better’ than another but some will work better for certain baby personalities and types of parent than others.

Once you’ve identified what you think might work best for you, we’ve made it easy for you to buy the book, visit the website and put the plan into action.  We hope you find the guide useful. Here’s to welcoming back the Sandman!    Z Z Z Z Z z z z z z z z z z z z

So what happens next?

We’ve tried to keep it simple so this is an abbreviated guide to 10 baby sleep experts (the ones we get asked about the most) and is intended to give you a flavour of their techniques with information on how to learn more if it’s of interest for you.

First, we have created a light-hearted quiz to determine which sleep plan method might suit you best.  Click here to take the quiz.

The experts:
Kim West
Andrea Grace
Jo Frost
Jo Tantum
Elizabeth Pantley
Gina Ford
Tracy Hogg
Richard Ferber
Tizzie Hall
Mandy Gurney

Finally we have some tips for when things don’t go as planned along with some products we recommend to help with baby’s sleep.

  • Help! We’re back at square one!
  • How do I get back on track?
  • Good buys for beddy-byes
  • We don’t know why this works…but it does

Get started now – either click here to take our short fun quiz or click on Kim West to find out about our first expert – aka The Sleep Lady.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cara xx
Chief Sleep Officer, mum and inventor of SnoozeShade