SnoozeShade for Cots

SnoozeShade for Cots

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  • The breathable portable blackout cover for cots that blocks out the light and makes it easier for baby to sleep

  • Universal - fits all popular cots that take a 120cm long x 60cm wide mattress

  • Clever panels allow parents to alter light levels and give easy access to baby

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Moniq |
Totally Brilliant - worked perfectly. No need to mess around covering windows with black outs when you have this.
C Adamson |
Excellent product, has certainly helped prevent our baby waking up at the crack of dawn when we moved into our new house, and hadn't got the darken curtains. Have also bought the buggy cover which fits our bugaboo buffalo perfectly.
We have two of these (one at the grandparents' house) and they've made a noticeable difference to our toddler's sleep. When we use these, he wakes at 7/7.30, instead of at 6/6.30 like before. Well worth the price for the extra hour of sleep in the morning.

Lucy, UK |
Picture the scene: a beautiful wooden cabin in the far north of Sweden and a feeling amongst cabin dwellers that curtains are superfluous.... Now imagine midday on you average British summer day, and you are picturing midnight, 2am, 4am etc in Sweden, if it had not been for my SnoozeShade cot cover I think I would have had a very unsettled baby. The SnoozeShade was easy to transport - not heavy and not too bulky.. Easy to put on and easy to use once on the cot. The space within the cot felt airy and Emma settled under it immediately, so thank you for my sleep filled nights on holiday!!
L Crowe |
L has settled in brilliantly now! The first day we used the shade he slept at nursery for 1hr 40 ! I literally wept with joy! We go on holiday on Tuesday and it is coming with us ( we already had the one for the pushchair) so both are on the top of my holiday list!

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Product features


SnoozeShade for Cots is exactly the same in design as our very popular version for travel cots except for two things.

1) it is sized to fit all standard European cots that take a mattress sized up to 120cm x 60cm

2) the side windows are longer and start from the top of the cover to enable you to have visibility of your baby from birth - many cots have movable bases and in the early days babies tend to sleep high up in the cot. As you lower the base the windows enable you to see in from top to bottom.

Use day or night, SnoozeShade for Cots is perfect for trips away from home, holidays or during the bright summer months.

Our new Cot canopy has
  • side panels that can be raised or lowered to adjust darkness levels
  • a covered top area which means the top can be open whilst giving a shaded area for baby to sleep
  • a neat top pocket for storing the top panel
  • been designed to fit all standard rectangular European cots that take a mattress sized up to 120cm long and 60cm wide (when assembled) - please note it is the size of the cot mattress that you need to check

Lightweight, easy to use and with no complicated attachments, it’s ideal for sharing rooms at home or away.

Ever done one of these? * hobbled around a room with a phone pretending to be a torch when you have to share a room with a small baby * worried how you're going to get your little one to sleep when it's bright outside and you're staying with friends who've never heard of curtains * popped the cot in the bathroom or covered it with anything you can find * been woken at 4am by a wide awake baby who's enjoying the sunrise (I've experienced all of these) Then you need a SnoozeShade for Cots. Benefits include: * easy to use on all standard cots * blocks up to 94% of light and blurs visual distractions that keep baby awake * clever shade panels enable parents to modify light and give easy access to baby * allows you to share a room with your child and still have a light on * ensures the whole family gets the sleep it needs on a trip away * helps your child switch off in unfamiliar surroundings * protects from insects such as mosquitoes * lightweight, compact and easy to transport * Please note NEW SnoozeShade for Cots does NOT fit cotbeds. A new version is in development which will fit cotbeds will also be available for pre-order. Please email us if you would like to be put on our waiting list.

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