SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats 2014

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats 2014

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  • A sunshade and baby sleep aid for Group 0/0+ infant carriers

  • Protects baby from 99% of UV rays (UPF50+) or helps naps on-the-go

  • Fits most popular Group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle

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SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Classic is the versatile sunshade and baby sleep aid for group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle.

Establishing good sleeping habits for your baby from birth makes the whole family’s life easier. SnoozeShade helps young babies sleep on-the-go and protects their delicate skin from the sun and other elements (cold, wind, insects) while they nap. Use SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats from birth, any time of day or night, on holiday, in restaurants and when travelling, so your little one can sleep comfortably wherever and whenever they need to. If you... * think baby is struggling to switch off from outside distractions * would like to encourage good sleeping habits when baby is out * find that a change of light or environment disturbs your little one * prefer other people not to disturb your sleeping child ...then SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Classic can help you This SnoozeShade was developed when parents asked us for a version that fit neatly to an infant car seat. Made from a double layer of soft breathable fabric with the highest level of protection from harmful UV rays which blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+)SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats provides a cosy and consistent sleep environment that blurs the visual stimuli that can keep baby awake. How do I use it? Simply attach the velcro straps around the rigid carry handle when the handle is in the upright position. Pop baby in the carrier and fold the shade back over the handle until it is needed for naptime. If baby is already in the infant car seat simply pop SnoozeShade over the raised handle and pull to secure around the car seat's base. Parents also tell us that they use SnoozeShade to give shade (as shown in some of our pictures on on YouTube). We have a video showing how to use it on Benefits include: * excellent sun protection - blocks up to 99% of UV rays (UPF50+) * blurs visual distractions that keep babies awake * made from soft stretchy breathable fabric which doesn’t retain heat * use all year round to protect from sun, wind, chill and insects * sneak-a-peek™ zip lets you check easily when baby is asleep * quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small * fits most popular styles of Group 0 and 0+ infant car seats * endorsed and supported by international baby sleep experts Awards for SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Mother & Baby Finalist for "Best sleep aid for babies 0-6 months" Bronze award from Bizzie Baby Bronze award from Practical Parenting for "Innovative Product" What our customers say... “An essential bit of kit for anyone with a baby and fantastic for maintaining routine. UV filter gives peace of mind on hot, summer days.” “It’s an absolute DREAM. We just pop the SnoozeShade over the maxicosi and he’s out like a light. Brilliant - 5 stars.” “Simply wonderful... It should be supplied with car seats as standard!” "Works brilliantly on my Quincy Zapp Xtra pushchair, was a big help in the summer, kept my LO cool at the beach." "My girls wouldn't sleep for very long when out. The Snoozeshades have changed all that! I could go out any time of the day, even at sleep times, and the girls would still have a goodsleep without being distracted by bright sunlight or lights in shopping malls etc. I think I can safely say they have saved my sanity." "Cannot fault this fabulous product, my baby has never had so much sleep! Invaluable on hot sunny holidays."
NOTE 1: Medical professionals recommend that young babies spend as little time as possible in infant carriers as the healthiest and optimal position is lying horizontal. This is crucial for child development, relieves pressure on your little one’s back and allows oxygen to be more easily exchanged. NOTE 2: It is very important that you read our safety advice about babies being in cars during hot weather. A child should never be left unattended (even for a moment) in a car at any time, in any weather conditions. Please also always ensure that there is air movement in the car – a car with closed windows heats up very quickly. NOTE 3: SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats is not designed for use with sleeper models. Please see Features for further information.


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