SnoozeShade Original

SnoozeShade Original

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Britain's best-selling baby sunshade and sleep aid that fits all prams, buggies and pushchairs

Protects baby from 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) rays and makes any time, sleep time

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Deb |
I cannot rave about this product enough. We have used it for parades, trips to parks and zoos, amusement parks, etc. It provides a really nice shade for the baby, making it possible for him to sleep no matter where we are and to keep the sun off of him. For a parent with skin cancer in the family, being able to have a level of control for sun exposure is a huge relief. We do use sun screen even with using the shade because there are spaces between the stroller and the shade in some areas, but my son has not gotten so much as a tan while under the shade. This is one of my favorite "baby gear" purchases and I most definitely recommend it, especially for a family that loves to be outdoors.
Sir Rat |
am very pleased with product.
Nicely made and works as described.
I have a red haired, fair skinned grandson and this will help with avoiding sunburn.
Ms M |
Love how easy it is to snap on and off. Signals nap time to my daughter zzzzz
Brilliant! Am so pleased with my new sun shade, of |
Brilliant! Am so pleased with my new sun shade, offers excellently protection for my baby and fits perfectly on my Stokke.. !! Thank you
Amazon Customer |
Brilliant product! And an absolute god send for us having spent most of August in the south of France. Would highly recommend.
Camille |
We have both pram and car seat snooze shade, as do numerous members of the family and we all swear by them! This is a fantastic product, couldn't recommend it highly enough!
Mister G |
This is a simple invention but very effective. It's useful not just for keeping light out - it keeps wind and direct sunshine out to0
The fabric is breathable so there's no worry there.
There's a "sneak-a-peek" zip which is invaluable - you can check on your baby without disturbing him/her.
We find our daughter seems to sleep longer, presumably because firstly darkness helps anyone sleep better, and secondly when she is stirring there is nothing to distract her because she can't see anything - so she's more likely to settle off again. For the same reason, the lack of distractions makes it easier for her to settle off in the first place.
I'm vaguely aware, as a scientist, of the hormone cortisol. In general it is at a high level in the morning and low in the evening. Stress increases cortisol levels. Sleep deprivation causes a raised level of cortisol (possibly because sleep deprivation causes stress), paradoxically meaning that by the time bed-time finally arrives, it's difficult to get to sleep. This could explain "overtiredness" i.e. an extremely tired child can find it very hard to get to sleep due to an abnormally high cortisol level. Therefore napping during the day paradoxically makes it *easier* for your baby to get to sleep at night.
In the past we have draped a muslin over our buggy to keep the sun off. That is fine when the buggy is stationary but no fun when on the move - the muslin invariably falls off.
Mummy Times Two |
An amazing product! This fits brilliantly on both of our prams, and if I'm honest I can't imagine a pram where it wouldn't fit. We have used it both as protection against the sun and as a sleep aid, and it works brilliantly for both. What I love the most is that you can leave the zip open a little way, allowing you to maintain visual contact with your baby whilst still maintaining sun protection and allowing for very little difference in change of light if they are sleeping. It folds up in its own little sack so that it takes up only a really small space in your baby changing bag, meaning that it's easy to carry everywhere you go - perfect for the ever changing British weather as well as for packing to take on holiday. I really wish this product had existed when I had my first child as it is so much easier and more efficient than parasols and other sun shades I used with her. I would highly recommend this product, it is one of the best baby products we own.
Miss L |
Perfect for keeping the sun off my baby and out of his eyes.
When awake I leave the side up slightly so he can see out and cover it over when he falls asleep. Fitted carry cot and now push chair base of my Jane pram perfectly. Been really useful for covering him up when he needs a nap too but is too busy being nosy and perfect for evening dos when you want to encourage sleep
Mel |
Theo (who will be 2 end July) still has some afternoon sleeps under the snooze!!

Just returned from a 2 week holiday in Ibiza and he slept under it virtually every afternoon #stillawinner !

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Product features


SnoozeShade Original is Britain's best-selling and multi-award-winning sun shade and baby sleep aid for prams, pushchairs, buggies and travel systems that protects babies from the sun and makes any time, sleep time.

SnoozeShade is made from a unique soft, stretchy, air permeable fabric which doesn’t retain heat and gives maximum sun protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used safely indoors and outside.

Use from birth to help baby sleep, give protection from the sun and insects in the Summer and year round for protection from wind, chill and light rain. 

SnoozeShade, the universal fit baby sleep and sun shade, can help if you. . . 

• worry about protecting baby's delicate skin on a sunny day
• want to maintain your baby's routine on-the-go
• constantly have to readjust the parasol or umbrella to keep the sun out of baby's eyes
• find that baby finds it hard to nap when it's sunny or bright
• find your baby struggles to nap and fights sleep
• get tired of blankets over your pram falling off or blowing away

SnoozeShade Original is great for every day, holidays, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller or needs extra shade from the sun.

Parents tell us that when they use SnoozeShade regularly, it becomes a sleep trigger for their child in the same way that shutting the curtains in the nursery is a signal that it is sleep time. 

When baby is asleep, our 'sneak-a-peek' zip means you can quickly and easily check on your baby without having to lift the whole cover up or let in lots of light which can wake your napping child and, once baby is safely asleep, our sleeping baby emblem deters well-meaning people from disturbing your little one's nap.

Benefits include:

• shades baby better than an umbrella on a sunny day
• blurs visual distractions that can keep babies from sleep and discourages anyone from disturbing your sleeping baby
• super easy and quick to fit on all buggies, prams and travel systems with a hood or canopy (three and four wheelers) easy to remove and folds up small
• gives you the freedom to be out and about but still stick to your baby's routine

You should find SnoozeShade super easy to fit but in case of any issues please contact us on we are always happy to help and we have a range of helpful YouTube demonstration videos too.



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