SnoozeShade Original | Universal Fit Baby Pram Sun Shade | Sleep Aid and Blackout Blind for Strollers | Blocks 99% UV

SnoozeShade Original | Universal Fit Baby Pram Sun Shade | Sleep Aid and Blackout Blind for Strollers | Blocks 99% UV

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  • Britain's best-selling sunshade and baby sleep aid that fits all prams, buggies and pushchairs

  • Protects baby from 99% of UV rays and makes any time sleep time

  • Approved by the Melanoma International Foundation and the Infant & Nursery Association of Australia

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Laura T |
Great product and so much easier than using a parasol. I found messing around moving the parasol too fussy and the snoozeshade is fab - once it’s on no messing around. Takes a few mins to Velcro everything on but all good. The zip allows perfect viewing of my little boy when the shade is on and he loves being able to see out the sides still if the snoozeshade is fitted to the handlebar. Can also be used to cover the whole pram leaving the handle free. We’ve used it all through the summer on trips to the zoo and quick shopping trips. Lots of comments from strangers about it being a good idea. No banging into people with the parasol either.
The snoozeshade also provides good coverage for nap time to make the pram darker for little one to fall asleep (I’ve used it in restaurants as well.)
Fits lovely onto my Mamas&Papas Urbo2 pram and also on my friends mothercare pram. We’ve used with the carry base and the upright seat of the Urbo2 and very briefly on the AtonQ car seat.
Hazel S (via Facebook) |
Love our snooze shade and use it so much. It is fab for daytime naps and my little boy happily drops off with the shade in place, making it easier for him to sleep and nap for longer when out. I would really recommend.
Vicky P (via Facebook) |
I’ve used this for years on many holidays in very hot climates with my now 5year old from a baby and now my 9 month old, it’s been brilliant, not just a great sunshade but also great for nap times and I think also keeping the mosquitoes out at night when out and about whilst there sleeping x x
Holly A (via Facebook) |
By far the best sun shade for my baby, so much better than a parasol or buggy buddy that doesn’t stay put. I’m so glad I bought the snoozeshade, I just wish I had bought this first time round instead of wasting money on others. Highly recommend.
Sarah G (via Facebook) |
Absolutely love mine. Used it all summer and I am a dog walker who spends hours outside and my baby comes.with me. Have had many people comment how dangerous it is etc.
Told them that they were welcome to stick their hand in and see how dangerously warm it is
Rebecca Smith |
We have one of these for our 6 month old baby, have been using it for the past 3/4 months and it has been one of the best purchases we have made
Rebecca Keeble |
I wouldn’t be without this product. I took my 5 month old and almost two year old away last year and they remained cool and protected from the sun in 30 degree heat in Cyprus. It also helped them to nap as provided a darker space. I bought two single ones to cover my double buggy. Used again this year for another holiday in Cyprus with similar temperatures and even at almost 3 years old, my daughter was happy to climb in the buggy and zip herself in
LastMinuteMum (via Amazon) |
Great value all rounder. Love this! Have really struggled with pram parasols in the past with baby number one. Second time round I can’t be bothered messing about - this is so much easier! Really quick to pop on the pram, has already helped our little one sleep better out and about. Obviously helps keep the sun out - but has been great for rain showers too. The zip feature is great and lets our older son peep in and talk to him, as well as making it easy to check that baby is ok. It fits our iCandy pram easily and looks big enough to fit any pram and our buggy later.
I tried a similar shade earlier in the summer but wasn’t as good as this. It might be more expensive than other options but I would say it’s worth it for the quality. Great buy.
Jo C |
A must have! I bought these for my twin boys and it was a revelation. It didn't exist with my oldest and nap time out and about was impossible - too many distractions! With these my boys settled to sleep and I knew they were able to breathe okay (not so if I'd draped a blanket over!) and protected from the sun. Highly recommend!
Samantha Williamson |
Lifesaver this summer!
This was a lifesaver in the heatwave and still use it for walks in the pram. It’s easy to use, doesn’t heat the pram, perfect shade for a newborn baby. Really recommend.

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Product features


SnoozeShade Original is Britain's best-selling and multi-award-winning sun shade and baby sleep aid for prams, buggies, travel systems and pushchairs that protects babies from the sun and makes any time sleep time.

SnoozeShade is made from a special soft breathable fabric and gives maximum sun protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used safely indoors and outdoors.  

SnoozeShade, the universal fit baby sleep and sun shade, can help if you. . .

  • worry about protecting baby's delicate skin on a sunny day
  • want to encourage good sleeping habits on-the-go for your baby
  • fight with the parasol or umbrella to keep the sun out of baby's eyes
  • find that baby finds it hard to nap when it's sunny and bright 
  • notice that your baby finds it hard to switch off regardless of how tired they are
  • get tired of blankets over your pram falling off or blowing away

It’s great for everyday, holidays, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller or needs extra shade from the sun.   

Use from birth in four ways to help baby sleep or give protection from sun, wind, chill, light rain and insects.

When baby is asleep, our new LONGER 'sneak-a-peek' zip means you can quickly and easily check on your baby without having to lift the whole cover up and let in lots of light which can wake baby.

Parents often find when they start to use SnoozeShade regularly, it becomes a sleep trigger for their child in the same way that shutting the curtains in the nursery is a signal that it is sleep time. Our NEW sleeping baby emblem deters well-meaning people from disturbing your sleeping baby.

99% of our customers would recommend SnoozeShade to their friends                                                                                                                         

Benefits include:

  • blurs visual distractions that can keep babies from sleep
  • helps maintain baby’s nap routine wherever you are
  • discourages anyone from disturbing your sleeping baby
  • shades baby better than an umbrella on a sunny day
  • quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small
  • universal fit for all styles of prams, pushchairs, travel systems and buggies (3 and 4 wheel)


>TOP TIP: Visit our YouTube video channel ( to see videos on how to use SnoozeShade Original in different ways.



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