Why parents love SnoozeShade

It’s always lovely to hear that a product that you’ve created has helped other parents, and it’s also helpful to know how my products are used as parents are very inventive themselves and use them in different ways than I intended.  All these reviews are taken from Amazon.

This product is a must and I mean a MUST for any new parent.  My wife and I had our son this year (2017) and we like to get out and about as much as we can with our little one. It comes in a handy mesh carry bag which has adjustable string which we have tied to the handle of our pram which means is easily available at any moment, as you can never determine when you are out and the little one wants to sleep. This provides the same form of “black out” as black out curtains which is really helpful with getting your little one used to knowing that the dark is time for sleep (which I feel helps when it comes to night time).  It has tiny holes which do not let the light in but make it very breathable, it has a peep hole zip at the front to allow easy access to check to make sure everything is alright and will easily fit any buggy with the Velcro tabs and elastic banding. On top of all that is it UV protected which means there is no need to be balancing blankets or positioning yourself to keep the Sun off the sensitive skin of the little one.

Great purchase, really works well as black out for naps and baby/toddler chilling. Lent it to my friend for her holiday too who had since got her own. Holiday essential now!

We summer holidayed to Tenerife during 35-38 (C) degrees heat and purchased the Snoozeshade Original for my infant daughter’s pushchair (Maclaren Mark II). The fitment was very good (at least with Maclaren branded Pushchairs). Easy to use and just unhook and store in the under basket of the pushchair.
As a result my daughter slept soundly and comfortably during the day on our walkabouts.
The UV protection was a big selling point to me and as a result (combined with Factor 50+ lotion) my infant evaded any harmful effects of the sun. Needless to say, I burnt to a crisp.  Regarding Price, I’d happily pay this price again and definitely recommend to others.  The Pink Straps to match our Pink pushchair was an added bonus.  As any parent could relate: Happy Baby = Happy Parent = Good Holiday

Lifesaver! The parasol that came with our pram (icandy peach) was absolutely useless, it would constantly need readjusting and eventually would roll off to the side. This shade not only protects your little one from the sun but has made a huge difference with helping mine to sleep peacefully. The zip is perfect for keeping an eye whilst they they are snoozing without disturbing them!

Took this away to Cyprus in August: used on a Mothercare Nanu+ Stroller.  Fit well, kept the worst of the sun and heat away for little one. The zipped window at the front was a bonus, as you could check on the wean without disturbing her too much. The interior of the stroller seemed to stay cool in use.

This was invaluable on our first holiday abroad to Malta with our 9 month old. Kept her safe from the suns UV rays when we went out for walks and also allowed her to snooze in peace. We’ve continued to use it back at home when we go out and about as she doesn’t tend to nap much in her pushchair as theirs too much going on for her to see! Excellent value for money. We also bought a pram fan to clip inside whilst we were on holiday to help circulate the air although the cover is totally breathable anyway and also has a small zip for extra ventilation / to check on your little one.

This has been brilliant, use it for sun protection and if going out on holiday in the evenings helped little one stay asleep with no disturbances. Peace of mind against mosquitoes too…they can’t get in!
Fits brilliantly on silver cross pioneer and lightweight stroller used for holiday, think it will fit anything with a hood.   Really can’t rave about this enough, best baby buy by far.

I bought this for my son’s buggy (8months old) when we went away. It helped to keep the light out at night when we went for dinner and keep him cocooned. We also went for walks along the beach which was very windy but this kept him sheltered from it.

This is a fantastic product! Very easy to use and is great helping my little one to sleep when out and about. As we spend a lot of time outdoors its great for keeping him cool when its hot and also keeps the wind off him when its blustery. Also use it over his legs when its sunny to protect him. Over all a super fab product!

Excellent product, did a great job of creating a dark environment when on holiday out and about and meant that my baby slept whilst we had our evening meal. I’ve also used it in the UK whilst out shopping etc, really good product. Recommended to friends

Great product! The product itself is made well, good quality material and feels like it will last a long time. The sunshade is very flexible to use – when initially thinking about purchasing, I was debating whether to buy a separate car seat cover, but to be honest I don’t think this is needed! We use ours in the pushchair, on the car seat (when out of the car and fixed to a pushchair) and we even worked out a way to have the shade on the car seat and stretched over the headrest in the car, so our little one can still see out of the car seat just fine but is protected from the sun when in the car!  We also really liked the flap which can be folded back so our little one can see out.  Overall, whilst there are cheaper alternatives out there (which we have used), I am glad we purchased this one – the product is well made, very flexible, and does what it says on the tin!

Having struggled with parasols (useless) and tried the usual large muslins (futile exercise in knot tying) I decided to try a custom buggy shade and having read various reviews decided to spend a small amount more on this ‘deluxe’ product. I have used it for 3 months now and couldn’t cope without it. It fits my Phil and Teds, and Uppababy well. As a uv filter we use it abroad when the sun is beating down and at home on the occasional sunny day. It offers complete peace of mind (importantly we have also found that baby does not overheat in the buggy when the shade is in place and fully zipped up). It is also very useful as the snoozeshade during day time strolls or at night if we’ve had to take baby out with us. The peep hole at the top is great too as it allows you to check baby without disturbing them. The design of the shade means that even if not in use, it can still stay in place on the buggy with the 2 shades tucked away in their compartments.  Finally I’d like to mention that the company’s customer service is first class-they are obviously very proud of this product and want their customers to be too.

Has to be our number one baby purchase.  Baby is totally covered from the sun with it zipped up, and with a fan inside it remains cool for them for as long as you need. Love the way you can unpop the one part so they can see out.  Our 11 month old sleeps soundly in the evening when it’s zipped up fully as it is pitch black, which is great when you are eating out at restaurants, etc.  Just make sure you secure evenly to the frame of the pram, so there are no holes allowing light in from the back.

This is, hands down, the best baby product I have bought and I wish I had known about it with my first baby instead of spending my life adjusting parasols on the pram.  Bought it primarily to take my red headed baby to Greece on holiday so she could sleep whilst her siblings played in the pool. It literally saved our holiday, as she could sleep in her pram, totally protected from the sun. In the evenings when she fell asleep we popped her in the pram with the snoozeshade on and she slept undisturbed with lights etc around her. Have used it on the school run, and it is permanently attached to the pram.  The customer service at Snoozeshade is exceptional, they are so helpful.  After three children and countless baby products over the years I highly recommend this as something everyone should have.

I had bought the original one 4 years ago but decided to upgrade it to this one. Its a fantastic product, and has a bigger opening for the little ones to look out. Still makes it dark for them to sleep in and it looks much more snug. Again, this is well made and sturdy. Great product.

Excellent for naps and sun protection.  I put off buying this as thought it was just another piece of unnecessary kit. I’ve been proved completely wrong! Really does fit any pram (all my mum friends have one and we all have different prams) and makes my baby (who is allergic to naps!) sleep within minutes. He will also do a two hour nap, which he never does.  Really good at protecting him from the sun, too. Thought he’d hate sitting under it, as he’s 9 months and loves looking out, but he’s perfectly happy under it, which is a real surprise.  A must for hot weather and naps on the move.

Could not recommend this product highly enough. Purchased just before a 4-week holiday to Turkey mid summer. Every day we spent down at the beach, and managed to get little one to sleep at each nap time no problem with the snooze shade. It helped him stay super cool as the breeze easily permeates the shade, and with the easy peek holes it’s so simple to check on them without waking. It fits the buggy and bassinet perfectly, stays pulled taught and never slips off. Such a great design. We used it for walking to/from the beach even in hot sun, and then for beach time naps under the umbrellas in the shade. I even took a thermometer down with me and he was way cooler with the snooze shade than in tbeshade alone. Best £35 we spent and now wish we had bought the one for the travel cot too!

This made our cruise! In the past when we have had to share a room with our baby, we disturb her and she disturbs us, constantly. She’d wake up in the night and see us and then make noise. If we turned on a small light, it would disturb her. This cured that issue completely. She was perfectly happy being zipped into the SnoozeShade and would go off to sleep which meant that we could even have a bedside lamp on without disturbing her at all. I zipped my head into it to check and it is very breathable and does not block out 100% light, just enough to keep it dark and not disturb the child. This is not a cheap product, but it is worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone having to share a hotel room (or cruise cabin) with their infant .
In the attached photos the one thing you can’t see is the baby sleeping peacefully inside… But trust me, she’s in there!

Great product. We have taken our daughter away in our caravan and when put in the travel cot we still needed lights on etc -this works brilliant to maintain a good nights sleep for her.

Amazing invention, so worth it when travelling with little ones. Even though we were in a different environment everyday our LO settled just fine and I believe this was due to the enclosed cot and blackout capabilities of the snoozeshade. An added bonus was being able to leave lights on in the room so we didn’t have to blindly make our way around the room when going to bed.