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I’m Cara, the mum who invented the SnoozeShade range.

It all started after my daughter was born.  I was looking for a baby sun shade to help her sleep (safer than a blanket) when we were out, that stopped the sun disturbing her (better than a parasol) and removed distractions that kept her awake.

Mosquito, cat and insect nets let in too much light.  Sunshades were too bulky to carry around constantly and my daughter could still see out. There didn’t seem to be anything that blocked out the light, was portable and small enough to keep in the nappy bag, pushchair basket or hang off the pram handles.

I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill – so I created SnoozeShade.

All SnoozeShade products are designed with safety as the No. 1 feature and every member of the SnoozeShade family has been put through a wide range of stringent safety tests so that mums around the world can feel confident when using a SnoozeShade that their babies are safe.

So, if you’re looking for the best baby sun shade or portable blackout blind and your baby needs help sleeping when you are out and about, or if you’re travelling and want to make sure your baby can enjoy a refreshing nap wherever you are, take a look at the SnoozeShade range.

Since I invented SnoozeShade I am proud of the fact that it has won over 60 awards including most recently the Mother & Baby Bronze Award 2016 for the best travel product over £25 category. One of the judges said; “We struggled to find a reasonably priced covering for our camper and windscreen and this is the perfect fit, provides shade, privacy and darkness, I was so impressed with the test sample I’ve bought my own.”

Do get in touch if you’d like us to advise you on the right product for you and your baby or if you have any questions once you own a SnoozeShade – we’re here to help.

Cara xxx