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Winner of 80+ awards

snoozeshade winner of over 70 awards worldwide Snoozeshade Winner of over 70 awards worldwide

What parents say...

What parents say

SnoozeShade makes parents' lives easier

SnoozeShade was invented by British mum Cara, who needed a safe and simple way to help her baby daughter to nap on-the-go. The first product - SnoozeShade Original - was launched in March 2010 and since then our products have been making parents’ lives easier worldwide.

SnoozeShade makes parents' lives easier
  • Helps baby sleep when you’re out and about 

  • Winner of over 70 awards 

  • Protects baby’s skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays

  • Recommended by baby sleep consultants worldwide

  • Makes travelling with a baby or toddler easier

  • Invented by a safety-obsessed mum

Safety comes first at SnoozeShade

I want a SnoozeShade for my pram - will it fit?

We want you to find the right product for you. It's not the stroller that dictates which product is best - it's your little one's sitting position and approximate age:

For 0-6 months or whilst baby is lying flat in the pram, we recommend a SnoozeShade Original.
You can use it as an overhead canopy on a carrycot to give complete shade (instead of an umbrella that will only cover some parts). It will also help to establish healthy sleep habits from the get go.

For 6 months+ or once baby is sitting up in the pram or has moved to a stroller seat - the best option is SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe. The Plus models are much larger than the Original to allow for growing toddlers legs and bigger buggies. Both have a window that baby can see out of when awake and a snooze panel that can be used to keep naps on track.

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