Buy locally from our websites - UK, US & Australia

We have local websites and local warehouses in the UK, US and Australia. 

We stock locally so if you need to exchange or return  a product you can do it locally. We may not always have the full range in every country, in which case click here to get in touch and we will see what we can do. 

Our local websites are below:





Buying SnoozeShade on Amazon

SnoozeShade has local Amazon stores on the following Amazon sites.

Amazon UK (products are enabled for shipping worldwide)

Amazon USA

Amazon Australia

Stock is held locally and so should be eligible for Prime delivery.

Please check that you're buying directly from us - we do get opportunistic sellers who buy from us to sell at inflated prices when we are out of stock.  We want you to get the best price whenever possible. 

At checkout it should say Sold by SnoozeShade and Fulfilled by Amazon or Fulfilled by SnoozeShade

Please always feel free to contact us directly to ensure you are buying a genuine safety-tested SnoozeShade product. 

The links above will take you to our stores and show you what products we have in stock - Amazon does not show products that are imminently going live so do feel free to contact us and check to see what stock will be available when.  


Sadly, due to the huge difficulties getting stock into Europe, we've made the difficult decision to no longer sell directly on Amazon Europe or fulfil European orders from our website.

We have however enabled global selling on our Amazon UK store so Amazon will deliver to Europe using our UK Amazon stock. Click here to buy on Amazon UK

🇮🇪  Irish customers: 

You can buy on our Amazon UK store as Amazon is using UK stock to fulfil ROI orders.  Alternatively, you can buy a small range of our products from our Irish distributor BabyMoments

Buy SnoozeShade on Amazon UK


For anywhere outside of the UK, US or Australia we can often ship from the UK. 

Or, you might find shipping costs are cheaper if ordered from our Amazon UK store (where we offer our full range) for delivery worldwide.