Preloved SnoozeShade

Why am I doing this?

As a mum, I have always been aware of the impact a product can have - on my environment and my daughter's future environment. 

When I started SnoozeShade, packaging for retailers involved a lot of plastic.  I hated it but couldn't afford to change to something more green and keep prices low!

But a few years ago, my manufacturer found a fabulous, affordable and biodegradable fabric and we changed the bags. Result! Step one achieved!

Next on my radar was that many parents use SnoozeShade Originals for a more limited amount of time before they need the 6m+ version.

SnoozeShade products are made to last, the fabric doesn't rely on chemical treatment to block UV so it can't be washed out. I know of parents who've used their SnoozeShade on multiple babies over the last 12 years.

But, not everyone has multiple babies (I only had one); not everyone can afford a brand new SnoozeShade and many people want to buy a more sustainable product.   I wanted to find a way so parents can recycle their Original to benefit everyone.

So, I'm launching this scheme to create a pre-loved range of SnoozeShade Originals (we're starting with Originals and then we'll look at whether it can work for other products).

I hope you like it!


How to upgrade and save 20%

1) Once you're ready to upgrade to a SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe click here to fill out our form (we'll ask you for the following things):

  • a photo of the product
  • a photo of the batch label on the washing label inside 
  • approx details of where and when you bought it

2) We will send you a pre-paid postage label by email (you may need to print this out)

3) Buy your new 6m+ product (SnoozeShade Plus or SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe) at full price from our website 

4) Wait for your 6m+ product to arrive (so you don't miss a single on-the-go nap) - then package your Original up and drop it to a local Evri location

5) Once we've got it, we check it to make sure we can resell it and then refund you 20% of your new order (excluding postage)

THAT'S IT for you - so what happens next?

We'll have your Original professionally washed, pack it into our proudly pre-loved bags and then pop it up for sale in our pre-loved section.  We won't make a lot but we'll cover our costs and will be reusing products that could otherwise sit unloved and unused somewhere.  It takes baby steps to save the world! 

As a small business, this is a big undertaking so we are starting off with only Originals that have been bought in the last 2 years.  Once we see what demand there is we can expand it. We'll also pause the scheme when we get inundated.


If you love the idea, but you're not finished with your Original yet, please click here to complete our form and we'll get in touch to remind you again.


Terms & conditions

  • Only products made in the last two years (2020 - 2022) will be accepted.  If the top logo says 'Making life easier for you' then it's good to go
  • We are running this trial scheme in the UK only
  • Any products that are sent to us with rips, holes or anything else that makes it unsellable will be destroyed