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How does using SnoozeShade help my baby and I?

SnoozeShade is like a portable blackout blind for families on-the-go, allowing you to get out and about while still maintaining your baby’s sleep routine.

It’s the only baby sun shade of its kind to be endorsed by international baby sleep experts, be approved by the Melanoma International Foundation and to have won more than 80 awards including Mother & Baby Gold for Innovation, Dadsnet Gold and Made for Mums Gold.

Cara says: “Until I invented SnoozeShade, the only option for parents was to throw makeshift items like blankets or muslins over the pushchair. These aren’t always made of air permeable fabric, don’t provide sun protection and may simply fly off at the slightest breeze. You also have to lift them to check on your baby, letting in light that wakes them up.”

• SnoozeShade becomes a ‘sleep trigger’ for babies – like a bedtime routine or closing the curtains in the nursery. Your baby starts to recognise that when SnoozeShade goes on, it’s time to sleep.
•. SnoozeShade removes the external distractions that stop your baby getting to sleep. It creates a cosy, comfortable and healthy nap environment wherever you are.
•. Deeper, longer sleep with no interruptions means your baby gets the sleep that he or she needs - and we all know that well-rested, happy babies mean everyone in the family has an easier time!
•. Many parents also use SnoozeShade to prevent well-meaning people from touching and disturbing their sleeping baby.

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