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Baby sleep: staying safe in warm weather

When the weather cranks the temperature up a notch or two, it can make for uncomfortable sleeping arrangements now and then. For adults, this can be easily remedied. We can open a window, take off a layer of clothing and swap our duvets for lighter blankets. Our body temperatures are easily regulated and we are in control. For babies and infants, however, it isn't that easy. Sleep can be elusive at the best of times for some babies, so the last thing you want is for the hot weather to play a part in keeping them up at night. Plus, of course, there is the essential need to keep baby as cool as possible in hot weather to avoid over heating. So here are our top tips for helping baby to sleep, and stay safe in the warm weather.

Baby sleep: staying safe in warm weather~

Check oom

First things first. Baby's room need so to be kept as cool as possible. If you can, take these steps:

  • Keep curtains or blinds drawn all day, to prevent direct sunlight from warming up the room.
  • Open windows as far as possible. Ensure that there is no furniture underneath the windows that could be used to climb etc, and keep blind cords away from children at all times. For more advice on baby safety around windows, please see our post on baby proofing your house.
  • Use a fan to circulate cool air around the room. Keep this well away from baby's reach and make sure that it is directed away from the face at all times.
  • In really humid weather, you can use wet towels to draw moisture from the air. Hang them over chairs etc.


It goes without saying that baby needs less layers in the summer. You may only need a nappy and a thin sheet when it's really hot. Check the temperature in the room with a nursery thermometer and keep an eye on baby by feeling under the chin. If it is clammy, baby is too hot and will need more layers stripping off.


Remove all excess bedding and, as always, make sure that there are no loose covers etc and no toys in the cots at any time. If you use cot bumpers, remove them so that air can circulate freely around the bed, and check the thickness of the blankets. A thin sheet may suffice when it's hot.

Out and about

When not at home, always take precautions to keep baby as cool as possible. In the car, use window shades and air conditioning if you have it. Alternatively, open windows to allow fresh air to circulate in the car. Never leave a baby to sleep in the car, even for just a moment.

In the pram, use your SnoozeShade to keep direct sunlight from penetrating the pram, but do check on your baby regularly to ensure that she is not too hot. For more advice on using your SnoozeShade, please see our post with instructional video tips.

Keep hydrated

It's so important to keep baby hydrated in hot weather and if you are at all concerned, do speak to your GP at once. Lots of breast/ bottle feeds and water if they are able to drink it is a good idea- and don't forget to drink plenty yourself!


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