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How to Handle Naps During a Summer Festival

How to Handle Naps During a Summer Festival

There are so many fantastic family friendly festivals all over the UK, every year we see more of you posting snaps on instagram having the most wonderful time in the great outdoors. They can be a real paradise for little ones with lots of activities, music and friends to make.

The problem is though, that if you have a really good sleep schedule going with your little one, such summer frivolities can wreak havoc with your finely tuned routine! Never fear. This week we're looking at how to handle naps during a summer festival. Read on to find out our top tips... 

Whether you visit for the day, decide to try glamping or go all in with your own tent naps can be a little tricky to manage. Little ones still need to switch off and rest so they can process all the new sights and sounds. Also, as you know, good quality naps promote better sleep at night!

We've got a few tips to help you handle naps during a festival, if you have any other ideas we'd love to hear them too.

  1. Try and keep to the same routine. Your little ones may be up later than normal but try to follow the normal rhythm of their day.
  2. Take some time away from the noise to wind down before nap time.
  3. If you're bringing a travel cot why not use it at home first, to help your child get used to it and make the new environment seem less exciting!? Don't forget we have a SnoozeShade especially for travel cots that may be useful.
  4. Consider using a sling or baby carrier, you can get lightweight ones especially for summer and babies often find it easier to nod off when they're nestled close to you.
  5. Even if you toddler likes to be on the go it's still a good idea to bring their pushchair so they have somewhere to rest and have a snooze. Of course don't forget to pack your SnoozeShade to help eliminate distractions and encourage nap time.
  6. Trailers or carts are really popular for festivals as they handle rough terrain well and can be used to transport your gear as well as your toddlers! Why not make a cosy little bed in one so your tot can nod off during the afternoon?
  7.  Try to keep your nap time routine as similar as possible to home, if little one has a favourite comforter or book pack it.

Above all, have a great time and try not to worry if you all get a little out of routine. Everyone we know who's been to a festival with children has made the most amazing memories and would do it again in a heartbeat!


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