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Keeping Cool in the Sun: guest post from Laura

Keeping Cool in the Sun: guest post from Laura

Today we have a fantastic guest post from Laura, a 30-something stay at home mum of 2 little boys.

Moving from London to the desert otherwise known as Dubai in 2013, leaving the corporate world behind, she is now a full time mummy. In her spare time she can be found over at Life Baby Kicks where she blogs about family life as they navigate their way through expat living. Find Laura on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @Laura_Babykicks

Summer is here! Or as here as it can be for the UK anyway, it seems that each glorious day that we enjoy is then counteracted by 3 days of solid rain. Though maybe you are one of the lucky ones jetting off now that the school holidays are here to get some of the glorious sunshine we seem to be lacking?

The big question is; how do you keep little ones cool in the heat?

Having been an expat out in Dubai, which to paraphrase my husband, is HOTTER than the SUN, for the past 2 years with 2 small boys we have learnt a few tricks along the way on keeping cool in the heat.

No matter the age of your baby, and lets face it no matter how old your children get they are always your baby, hydration in the heat is imperative.

Younger Babies
You have a nice 3 hourly routine going when it's cool? Relax and forget about it in the heat, feed on demand even if that does mean feeding every hour, 30 minutes, whatever!
Older "Babies"
Make sure that you offer plenty of water. If you have a fussy child who won't drink water offer any fluid that you know will get down them. Hot summer days aren't always the best to try and out-stubborn a stubborn toddler with a water vs. juice debate. The toddler will win and you will end up stressed out, red-faced and hotter than the sun (see above!)

To steal an Australian saying "slip, slap, slop" is not only a catchy slogan but an important lesson in dealing with the heat.

Slip...on a shirt
I always thought that when I saw children walking round in long sleeves that it was slightly cruel. Then I moved to Dubai and I finally saw the sense in it. As long as you are covering your child's delicate skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun it ISN'T cruel. As long as you make sure you are choosing 100% cotton you are allowing your child's skin to breathe and protecting it from the sun as well!

Slap...on a hat
Younger Babies
Ahh cherish this time. When they CAN'T take the hat off. Get them used to wearing it and then hopefully when they become....
Older "Babies"
I hope that you have a child who is more willing to wear a hat than mine. As not only do they look cute they are vital for stopping sun beating down. If not then ties are good. Or velcro. Or superglue.....

Slop... on some suncream
Younger Babies
There is debate over suncream on babies under 6 months. Personally if I am going to be out in the sun I use a baby suncream on my baby, but it is best to avoid the sun where you can.
Older "Babies"
Suncream up a squirmy toddle, roll up your sleeves, get your battle dress on and prepare to do battle. Top tip from me is, whilst pinning them down, make sure you get all those easily forgotten places like the back of necks, behind ears, ankles....the last thing you want is a pink child.

Go out in the midday sun, try to stay out of the sun during the hottest times of the day (11-3). If you're really lucky try to time a nap over these hours so you are indoors at the hottest points of the day.

As with all aspects of motherhood, you know your child best. Where one child might be OK outside in the warmer weather for an hour, another might only be able to tolerate 5 minutes. Watch your child, hydrate them, and if you think it's all too much take them inside.

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