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Baby asleep in buggy with SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

Naps on the go

How to keep your baby’s sleep routine when you are out and about

at SnoozeShade, we are huge advocates of baby sleep on the go and no matter what season it is, it’s important that all new parents know that you don’t have to put your life on hold when you have a newborn baby. 

SnoozeShade was invented so that mums and dads could take charge, stay social and keep naps on track too. Here's a quick guide to napping when you’re out and why you need to make this a part of your life.

Baby naps are very important

Babies and young children need more sleep than the rest of us and much of this sleep is achieved during the daytime. Newborns need an astonishing 18 hours of sleep in one 24-hour period – learn more about this here. From around six months (sooner for some babies), a baby sleep routine can be established so that you can plan, more or less, when your baby is going to need a nap. This is great news, as you can start to plan your days accordingly and needn’t feel so confined to the house.

Unfortunately, it's also at this point that babies become more aware of their surroundings and will fight sleep if there are distractions around. This is why many parents put their babies in a crib in the nursery for daytime naps to avoid their being woken.

Naps are important, because that's when a child’s young brain is developing and their little bodies are rejuvenating.  Ask any parent whose child has missed a nap and they will tell you that daytime sleep is essential. Naps give babies and children a chance to recharge ready for more adventures. Studies have also found that sleep helps to improve memory, gross motor skills and concentration levels too.

Let's not forget that naps are a chance for parents to relax and unwind too - so keeping them on track is essential! No matter how much you love being with your baby, every parent needs a break now and then - even if it's just thirty minutes to catch up with friends or the chance to nip to the loo without someone crying.

When naps interfere with life, and vice versa

No matter what kind of baby sleep routine you are starting to get into, you may find that nap times restrict what you might like – or have - to do. Some examples of things you could be doing at nap time include:

  • Dropping off or picking up and older child from nursery or school
  • Doing the shopping
  • Meeting up with friends and family
  • Popping to medical appointments
  • Running errands

Napping on the go

Allowing your baby to sleep on the go is all about helping your little one to have all their daytime naps without needing to restrict your life too. It shouldn’t mean that your baby misses out on daytime sleep, or that you can never put your baby to sleep at home during the day either.

Like anything, a balance is good and if you know your baby sleeps better in a bed then obviously, you'll want to make sure you're at home for some of their naps.

Your baby can be in the pushchair or a car seat, though do limit the amount of time a very small baby spends in a car seat.

Tips for baby sleep on the go

If you've only allowed your baby to nap at home so far, you may be wondering how he will ever be able to sleep out of the house, away from the nice peaceful nursery you have created. These tips will help:

  • At home, don't go to great lengths to keep daytime noise to a minimum. Babies can sleep through a fair amount of noise but if you regularly tiptoe around at nap time, they will come to expect silence for all their daytime sleep. This makes napping on the go difficult.
  • Give your baby lots of opportunities to sleep in the pushchair when you’re away from the house, so that the idea of sleeping while you do what you need to do is not met with protests.
  • Use SnoozeShade to create a darkened, cosy space for sleeps. This is why we invented it after all! SnoozeShade is made from breathable fabrics that eliminate sunlight (and protect from UV, wind and cold weather) so that you can create an ideal sleeping environment away from the home.
  • If your baby sleeps quite well in daylight but is easily distracted, use SnoozeShade. The warm cocoon of the shade blocks out visual stimuli, allowing baby to switch off completely and enjoy good quality sleep.
Napping on the go can be a real saviour for some parents. Being tied to the house can be an isolating experience, yet if baby doesn't sleep well during the day, there's a chance nighttime sleep won't be good either.

If you usually lead an active, outdoor life you’ll want to share that with your baby. If you suffer from low moods or depression, being out of the house, meeting people and exercising in the fresh air can really help.

What are your top tips for napping on the go? Head to our social channels on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share your great ideas with other parents.

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