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Rosey Davidson - Just Chill Baby Sleep

Rosey is a certified infant sleep consultant and mum of two little girls helping parents achieve high-quality sleep for their children. Just Chill Baby Sleep offers online resources to help sleep-deprived parents with their little one’s sleep.

Rosey offers support in person, by telephone or email and has just recently launched her online courses to empower parents to improve their family’s sleep themselves. These provide a toolkit to help your child sleep through the night using safe, reassuring and evidence-based methods.

Rosey helps you understand the reasons for your sleep struggles and puts together a plan to help you tackle them head-on, but with love.

Rosey says; "The foundation of my method is a good solid, predictable routine. Babies and children like to know what is coming next as it makes them feel secure and relaxed. This is the pre-cursor to a good night’s sleep. Creating the ideal sleep environment is also key to consistent, restorative sleep. Choosing a method that suits you and your baby is the most crucial thing of all, and being ready to embrace change".

Might suit parents who:

Want to take positive steps to shape the sleep habits of their little ones.

Might not suit parents who:

Are not willing to follow a routine during the day.

Best age to try it:

Just Chill Baby Sleep works with children and provides resources for babies of 6 months up to children of 6 years.

Mum’s say:

"Rosey is amazing! She has absolutely changed our lives and did so with compassion and understanding. After nine months of constant waking, baby is now sleeping through the night!"

Rosey has a popular Instagram page with regular tips and Q&A sessions and her YouTube channel with free advice on a variety of sleep topics.

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