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Helping baby sleep on the go in Summer

Helping baby sleep on the go in Summer

Here at SnoozeShade HQ we know how important it is to keep naps on track, and we're proud that our products help parents all over the world when it comes to keeping their little ones well rested and happy. During the summer holidays, it can be hard to keep the usual nap routine going, especially when there are older kids and a disrupted timetable to take into consideration.

With this in mind, this week we're looking at the best ways to achieve sleep on the go in summer.

Use a SnoozeShade!

SnoozeShade is your friend for more than one reason this summer. If you're out and about with the kids, you might not want to cut things short to get home for nap time. Likewise, you might want to eliminate distractions if you're out with other kids or in busier places. Your SnoozeShade will create a dim environment free from distractions so that your baby can sleep peacefully when they need to. Not only that, but you can keep your baby protected from the sun's UV rays too.

Keep your SnoozeShade handy at all times

Your SnoozeShade comes with a handy storage pouch which  means that you can keep it handy for the next time whenever you pack it away. We recommend you keep this either under the pram in the basket, or in your changing bag so you know exactly where it is when you need it.  Over the summer you're more likely to be out of your usual routine, so knowing where your SnoozeShade is when you need it is vital.

Stick to your nap routine

Don't be tempted to skip naps because your routine is out of whack or because you're busy doing different things. If you skip naps, your baby will become over tired and find it harder to sleep at night- nobody wants that!

Seek as much shade as possible

The SnoozeShade provides protection against up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays, but it might not always be possible to use it. If you forget to bring it, or you've not got around to buying one yet (tut, tut!) then the best thing to do is to seek as much shade as possible this summer. In fact, we recommend this even if you do have a SnoozeShade. By seeking shade, you are ensuring that your baby is as cool as possible at all times, and this will no doubt help with achieving better baby sleep. Always check on your baby as they're sleeping.

Stay hydrated

It's so important that you keep your little one as hydrated as possible during the summer. offer plenty of feeds, or drinks of water throughout the day.

Avoid busy areas if you're out and about

If you take your baby out and about and you want to stick to your usual nap routine, it makes sense to avoid crowded and busy areas when it comes to sleep time. Use the SnoozeShade for added 'distraction protection' too/

Plan journeys around nap times

If you're going a little further afield this summer, it makes sense to plan your journey around nap times. If you can get your baby to sleep on the way to wherever you're going, it's going to make like a lot easier all round!


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