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Sleep Tips for Twins

They say that twins are double the trouble but double the joy, and ask any parents of multiples and they're likely to agree! But when you find out you're expecting twins, and this is all new to you, it can be more than a little daunting! And one of the most daunting aspects for any new parent is sleep. How much will you get? How will your baby sleep? How will you cope when they wake? Now times that by two, and you can imagine how a twin parent might be feeling! Here are our top five sleep tips for twins. Do let us know if you have any more to share!

sleep tips for

Get elf a good bedtime routine as soon as possible

This really is important. All babies thrive on routine (as do we adults) so it stands to reason that twins are going to benefit from a good routine at bedtime too. As are you! Its a good idea to put both babies to bed at the same time, with the bedtime routine being a shared event rather than something you do twice over. Of course, thats easier said than done, but if you're consistent things will fall into place eventually. Some babies struggle to fit into a routine at first, but good sleep habits can be formed earlier than you think, so stick with it!

Keep them in the same room

Yes, they may wake each other- but is that really a bad thing? More on that later. Most twin parents told us that having their babies share a bedroom was much easier in a practical sense, and emotionally for the babies too. Being able to see each other helps to calm and soothe twins, who are used to being together since conception anyway.

Feed them together

This is another reason why sharing a room is good. If one baby wakes the other when her tummy rumbles, it makes it easier for you to feed them both at once. And if they both feed at the same time, they'll soon be on the same schedule as each other, which again will make your whole day easier. Honestly. If one baby doesn't wake but the other one does, some parents recommend waking the other one anyway, all in the name of an easier feeding time. But of course, thats up to you.

Let them nap together too

If you start them napping together from day one, they will learn to sleep better together as they grow older. Some children can be easily disturbed by others in their room as they sleep, but twins will learn how to relax if they are used to it. And again, it helps with the schedule for the whole day. If you stick with this, as the twins get older you will have them both sleeping at the same time so that you can actually get some stuff done!

Let them share a cot... at first

Lots of parents say that cot sharing is best for twins when they're newborn, because they seek comfort from each other and need to know that the other one is near by. However, when they start to roll over (around 4 months or so, but all babies are different) you will need to move them to their own beds.

What are your top sleep tips for twins?

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