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SnoozeShade and Snoo fitting tips

SnoozeShade and Snoo fitting tips

We have had an number of parents asking us if they can use a SnoozeShade product with the amazing Snoo...

What is the Snoo?

Well it's a cot - but like no other cot - it's the result of many years of research by American baby sleep scientist Dr Harvey Karp.

He is often referred to as "the baby whisperer" and he has written a best-selling book Happiest Baby on The Block.

The Snoo is an all singing all snoozing sleep machine - you can find out more about it here.  Yes, it's very expensive but many parents rave about its sleep-inducing qualities.

Can SnoozeShade work with the Snoo? 

Initially our answer was 'we don't know' but then a very kind customer offered to test it for us. She used one of our 6 month plus stroller shades and the version for travel cots.

She has taken some photos and we can see that both types of SnoozeShade can work - it all depends on what you prefer.

Now our answer is 'Yes and nicely'

You can use a SnoozeShade Plus (pictured) or SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe and then use on your pram or stroller.

Or you can use the travel cot version and yes it will be a bit big, but if you do as our clever mum did and put it on sideways the opening fits really neatly over the Snoo.  Then when baby progresses to a normal travel cot (or you use one when on holiday) you can use the SnoozeShade on that too.

SnoozeShade Plus on a Snoo cot

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots on a Snoo cot


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