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Things I love about... camping with baby

Things I love about... camping with baby

Continuing our things we love about... series, this week we're talking camping. With baby. Not been brave enough to try it yet? What can be so hard?

Camping embraces the Great British outdoors like nothing else, and having baby with you is sometimes the only way to do it. You can't leave them at home, after all. So here are a few things we love about camping with baby.

Camping means you don't need to travel too far

And you probably won't want to, either. When you go camping you are exposed to the elements so if you stay close to home, you can always call it a day if the weather is really bad. And with baby in tow, that might be a more realistic option too. Staying closer to home also means that baby spends less time travelling, which is also good. Check our local campsites on your doorstep.

Camping helps to create lasting memories

Ok, so baby is not likely to remember how it took you three hours to erect a tent in gale force wether, and how you laughed when the barbecue fell over... but you will. And you will tell your baby one day, look back on the photos and realise that your camping trips were some of the happiest times you had. Honest.

Camping exposes baby to a whole new world

Babies learn by using their senses. It's how they figure out the world around them. Why wouldn't you want to assist in this learning? Camping exposes baby to so many new sights, sounds, textures and smells. Being out in the open is an amazing experience, no matter what your age.

Camping means baby has your undivided attention

You can't watch TV in a tent. And if you put your phone away too, your baby is really going to appreciate it. Camping means that you can actually spend good quality time with your baby, without worrying about deadlines or what time Eastenders is on. Your baby is going to love it.

So those are our top reasons to take baby camping, but we're not saying that it's going to be easy. Nothing worth doing is ever easy!

So here are five top tips for camping with baby:

  1. Take LOTS of nappies. They don't weigh much, and trust us when we say that you do not want to run out. Better to have more than less.
  2. Take a SnoozeShade for travel cot. Honestly. They're like portable blackout blinds  and will fit over most travel cots. That sunshine can be pretty bright at 5am when all you have between you and the outside world is a strip of canvas.
  3. Pack plenty of sleep suits. It can get cold at night, so make sure that baby is covered down to her toes. In fact, you might want to just take sleep suits, to make the whole experience as easy as possible. Dressing and undressing whilst camping is not always easy, so popping a new sleep suit on rather than a complicated pants/ dress ensemble is probably a good idea.
  4. Don't worry too much about routine. You're only away for a few days, and it's going to be an 'odd' few days. Enjoy it, but don't stress if baby sleeps in, or doesn't want her nap at the usual time. She will soon get back to normal when you return home.
  5. Take a white noise machine with you, and plenty of batteries too. Campsites can be noisier than some babies are used to, so white noise might be a good idea to keep baby from being disturbed during sleep.
  6. *BONUS tip* Take calpol sachets (they are already measured out) and don't forget familiar blankets and toys. Oh, and cold water sterilising bags too. Anything else we've forgotten?

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