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newborn baby sleep hacks

3 Newborn Baby Sleep Hacks You Have to Try

We show you a trio of tried and tested sleep aids for your baby!

None of us are born knowing everything and when we become parents for the first time, it can feel as if parenting is a mine field. It doesn't always get any easier with experience, either! Just as we aren't born knowing everything, your brand new baby isn't either. Sleep is often mistaken for one of the easiest things in the world to do but actually it can be a struggle for some babies.

We parents have all the tricks up our sleeves, right? We've got this, right? Um, well... maybe. Some things don't come as naturally as you might think, so here are three newborn baby sleep hacks you have to try.

The Hairdryer…

…or the vacuum cleaner, extractor fan, washing machine, tumble dryer... or an app that plays white noise.

Using white noise is a magic trick only parents know about. It’s that low-level, constant noise that we often tune out, which miraculously helps newborn babies to fall asleep. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of white noise and it’s definitely a sure-fire way of helping your overtired newborn to sleep. Some parents have even reported its effectiveness when dealing with their own insomnia.

The reason why white noise works so well is simple. The low frequency and constant noise help to simulate the sounds that your newborn has been used to inside the womb. It helps to block out other noises too, thus inducing a state of peace and calm. Once that calmness has settled, sleep is never far behind. This is one parenting hack you won’t be able to keep to yourself.

The Sheet…

… or a thin blanket or swaddle sack. Swaddling is another magic trick to use with your newborn baby if they are struggling to sleep. The reasons why swaddling works so well also relate back to being in utero. Firstly, the so-called ‘startle reflex’ is suppressed when baby is swaddled, meaning she is less likely to wake herself up by throwing out her arms. The feeling of being snug and 'hugged' helps to settle and calm babies too, making sleep even more likely when she's swaddled.

newborn baby sleep hacks pram walk

The Pram Walk…

… or car drive, swing, dance, rock... any kind of movement. So many parents report that their newborn falls asleep quickly every time they venture out with the pram or in the car and I wouldn't mind betting that every parent has resorted to this at some point to get their baby off to the land of slumber. We humans are very basic, because this one also goes back to the feelings we experience in the womb. As mum moves around, baby is rocked and lulled to sleep, so once they're out in the real world, the sensation of being moved rhythmically works in much the same way to soothe and calm. This is why you see so many parents rocking and swaying with a baby in their arms - they know the secret. And now, so you do. Just remember your SnoozeShade!

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