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Tips for Beach Fun with Babies

Tips for beach fun with babies_SnoozeShade.comSummer and the weather is warm but how can you get out and keep things fun for your little one this summer? Last year we wrote this post on beach survival tips with babies, and so we thought we'd extend on that a little and let you in on a few insider tips for getting the most out of being beside the sea this summer. Want to know how to make the beach fun with babies? Read on...

Firstly you don't have to stay indoors. It's recommended that you don't go out in the sun peak times, so be prepared to go out first thing in the day or later in the afternoon instead. Kids love to be outside and it makes sense to make the most of dry weather, seeing as the British summer is nothing if not unpredictable! It's also worth knowing that daily fresh air will help your baby to sleep better too, so no excuses!

If you're heading to the beach then pack properly. There's nothing worse then not being fully prepared, so it makes sense to get everything ready the night before (if you can) or during nap time so that you can just go when everyone is ready.. You'll want to take the buggy rather than a sling so baby always has a safe place to sleep or sit. This is a good idea for meal times too, as babies, food and sand is not always the best combination! You'll also need sun cream, a mat and definitely a shade. Either a Snoozeshade for the buggy or a full sun shelter tent with UV protection. You can get pop up ones that are super easy to use and most fit under the buggy.

Other things to consider are:

  • regular hydration for yourself and for the kids. Baby may not be old enough for water yet so any breastfeeding mamas will want to make sure they're drinking regularly too. Offer feeds frequently to ensure baby stays hydrated.
  • A flannel is great for soothing on a hot day and great to clean paddling feet too! Make sure you pop a couple in the freezer before you go out and put at the bottom of a cool bag for when they are needed.
  • Pack a nice lunch and lots of snacks! You'll need to invest in a decent cool bag or two but it's better to do this that have to wait and pay for food if everyone is feeling hungry!
  • It might be an idea to consider buying a cloth swim nappy if you're a regular to the beach. These can be rinsed out and are soft against little ones skin.

    Above all though stay in the shade and hydrate! Slap on the sunscreen and reapply regularly even if you think it's lasts all day we think you should reapply every couple of hours and after a dip! Have fun and stay safe!

What are your top tips for beach fun with babies?

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