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Tizzie Hall - The Save Our Sleep Method

Tizzie Hall - The Save Our Sleep Method

Tizzie Hall has been caring for babies and children for many years and many parents say her method has changed their lives – or at least, their sleep! The Save Our Sleep Method is a holistic approach that looks at the whole picture, not just sleep and settling your baby.

How it works:  Tizzie – dubbed ‘The International Baby Whisperer’ – believes there are four main things that can affect a baby’s sleep: lack of routine, hunger, being cold and diet. She says that by simply addressing these four factors you can transform a poor sleeper into a good one.


The first thing to look at is your baby’s routine. Too little time awake will result in your baby going to bed and napping, rather than having a decent sleep. Too much awake time can cause your baby to be overtired, which also lead to poor sleep. The answer? You’re encouraged to keep to a regular routine, so that your baby knows what to expect each day.


A hungry baby will not sleep well. To ensure your baby is not hungry, Tizzie recommends that you should not restrict the amount of breast, formula milk and/or solids they are given. You also need to get the texture of your baby’s food right; the wrong texture for their stage can restrict how much your baby eats and leave him hungry.

Being cold

Save Our Sleep looks at the temperature of the baby’s room, as well as what bedding is used, to ensure your baby is never cold. Tizzie believes that a baby who wakes between 4am and 5am is often cold.



Finally, the plan looks at your little one’s diet, as what he eats or drinks can affect his sleep. Certain foods have been linked to night waking.

The Save Our Sleep Method might suit parents who like to think outside the box a bit and like to have all bases covered.

The Save Our Sleep Method might not suit parents who don’t want a plan that’s too restrictive. The Save Our Sleep Method offers great results because it looks at every part of your baby’s day-to-day life but some parents aren’t keen on this aspect of the plan.

Mums say: “I just love SOS. We started Charlie at six weeks old. I planned to spend a few days at home just to get her used to the routine. The first night she woke twice throughout the night for a feed. It took Charlie about a week and a half of following SOS before she began sleeping through the night. After feeding her at 10pm, I would then wake her at 7am. Before I began SOS, Charlie would catnap all through the day and there were days where she wouldn’t let me put her down to even have a shower.

“Now she sleeps in solid blocks during the day, making my life much easier. It’s also easier for her carers whilst I am at work; they know what she needs, because the routine guides them. SOS helped me return to work and it helped my husband and I enjoy our little girl that little bit more because she’s so happy and we aren’t sleep deprived!” Cat, mum to Charlie, now five months.

Read the book:  ‘Save Our Sleep: Helping your baby to sleep through the night from birth to two years’ by Tizzie Hall

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