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Using cloth nappies on holiday

This we have a guest post from the fabulous Baba and Boo, creators of beautiful cloth nappies for beautiful babies! As they say themselves, 

Baba+Boo reusable cloth nappies are bang on trend and better for babies bums. They are not hard to use. Scouts honour. Stop spending your hard-earned cash on rubbish and choose some beautiful soft cloth nappies for your baby instead.

So, thinking of using cloth but not sure what to do when you go away? Here are Baba and Boo's top tips...

Using cloth on

Using cloth on holiday needn’t be a nightmare, you just need to weigh up whether it’ll be practical or not.  Here are some handy tips to help you decide.

Consider what kind of accommodation you’ll be staying in

If you’re going to a home away from home and will have washing facilities there then using cloth on holiday won’t be a problem at all.  If you’re camping then you may want to consider whether you’d be happy either using on-site facilities or handwashing your nappies.

Consider what the weather will be like

Nappies will dry in lightening speed in the sunshine so you won’t need too much space in your suitcase to accommodate your nappies.  If you’re off skiing, however, you might want to reconsider!

Consider what you’ll be doing

If you’re off to sunnier climates and the chances are you’re going to be by a pool then you’ll probably only need half of the nappies you’d use back home as you’ll have your baba in their lovely swim nappies [link] most of the day time.  If you’re going on an active holiday and will be out and about doing different activities every day then it might be more practical to use disposables or at least disposable inserts.

Consider how much space you have

Are you going on a plane?  Will you have space for all the nappies and accessories you’ll need within your baggage allowance?

Consider how long you’re away for

Whether you’re off for a long weekend or a month long escapade, all of the above will have a bearing on your decision to use cloth on holiday.

Disposable liners are always helpful on holidays, it’ll make washing them a lot easier.  It may also be an idea to consider using disposable inserts as these will obviously cut down on your washing, these can be used in the nappies they are intended for or inserted into a pocket nappy too.

Always remember that disposable nappies have their place and shouldn’t be discounted – don’t feel bad, it’s only a couple of weeks – enjoying your holiday and family time is paramount, it’s your holiday too ;o)

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