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Using your SnoozeShade in Cooler Weather

Don't pack away your SnoozeShade just because the sun isn't making much of an appearance these days. As we move into winter, there are more reasons than ever to keep your shade under the pram, ready for action wherever you are and wherever you intend to go. Read our guide to using your SnoozeShade in cooler weather...

#NotJustForSummer- Using your SnoozeShade in Cooler Weather_SnoozeShade.comYour SnoozeShade is essential during the winter months

As described in this post, your SnoozeShade continues to be an essential when the temperatures drop and we leave summer behind. Benefits of using the SnoozeShade now include:

  • Protection from low winter sun
  • Shelter from light wind, rain and even snow
  • Protection against well meaning onlookers
  • Consistency for nap routines
  • Freedom for parents!

Guidelines for using our SnoozeShade in cooler weather

As with anything, you really need a healthy dose of common sense and to be in tune with your instincts when it comes to using your SnoozeShade during the winter months. The SnoozeShade will provide light shelter for your little one, but it's not a replacement for adequate layers when it's really cold. The following guidelines may be useful if you're unsure

  • Check the temperature outside before you go out. It might seem sunny and warm from inside with your radiators at full blast and the glare of the winter sun. But chances are that you're going to need to wrap up!
  • Use blankets to layer up for protection against the cold weather. As already mentioned, your SnoozeShade will provide light shelter and act as a shield during winter, but the temperature inside will need to be monitored by you. Just as you would in summer, regularly check on your baby inside the SnoozeShade and adjust layers accordingly.
  • Always store an extra layer in your changing bag incase the temperature drops even further while you're out.  Likewise, if you go into a cafe or a shop, or the temperature begins to rise, you need to be ready to remove a layer to prevent overheating, so it's always a good idea to use thin cellular blankets if you can.
  • Always pop a hat and gloves on your baby when you're out, so minimise heat loss through the extremities. The SnoozeShade is made from a light, permeable fabric so it won't make the temperature rise inside. When you go in, always remove hats and gloves to prevent over heating.
  • Let the weather guide you. If it's raining too hard, you should know that your SnoozeShade is not a rain cover and will not protect your little one in a downpour. If it's drizzling, it's perfect.

Get outdoors this winter!

Being outdoors has proven benefits for both parent and child. A good dose of vitamin D and she fresh air does wonders for emotional wellbeing, and will get the heart pumping too- so don't be tempted to skip your daily walk just because the sun isn't shining. And don't forget that fresh air helps to promote a good night's sleep for baby too!

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