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everything you need to know about sleep regression

What is sleep regression and why does it happen?

Sleep regressions happen when your child’s sleep pattern changes, it can be very disconcerting and mean that you get less sleep too! We’ve compiled some handy info that will help you to understand what's happening and why.


What is sleep regression and why does it happen? 

Is your baby having trouble falling asleep when usually they would be out like a light? Has nap time reduced? Waking at night when normally they sleep through? All these are very common signs of sleep regression.

Sleep regression can occur at various times through a baby’s first years as their brain develops, and they go hand in hand with developmental milestones, growth spurts and teething pain. Other things that can affect a baby’s sleep are disruption are illness and a change in their routines, not just at night either! Starting nursery may well mean they are being more stimulated during the day which will reflect in a change of nighttime sleep patterns.


How long will sleep regression last?

Not forever, thankfully – though it may feel like it at the time! Like all aspects of your little one’s development these phases will pass. You can expect a sleep regression phase to last between two and six weeks, but if you pinpoint the cause and can help solve it they can be shorter.


How do I know this is sleep regression?

Of course every baby is different and may not display all these signs but generally if you’re experiencing one or more then you can be fairly sure it’s sleep regression:

  • Waking during the night
  • Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep 
  • Refusing to nap, or not napping for as long
  • Being a fusspot for no discernible reason


Hopefully this has put your mind at ease a little, and for much more information about the sort of sleep regression you can expect from birth into toddlerhood then our post on phases of sleep regression will really help too.




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