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Wondering Why SnoozeShade is a Dark Colour? We Have The Answer!

Wondering Why SnoozeShade is a Dark Colour? We Have The Answer!

Why is SnoozeShade a dark colour?

At SnoozeShade, we don’t just create helpful products for babies – we thoroughly research the science behind them too, to make sure that everything we sell is super safe for your baby.

SnoozeShade is made from an air permeable black or dark grey mesh and one of the questions we are often asked is: “don’t dark colours absorb more heat than light colours?”

A darker colour sunshade creates a shaded environment inside the pram and most sunshades are black or dark coloured for this reason. After all, you would go into the shade to stay cool on a hot day, wouldn’t you? A simple way to explain this is that if you put your arm out into direct sunlight, it burns. Now bring it back into the shade and even if it’s still hot, the burn has gone.

While a SnoozeShade cannot cool the ambient temperature (the air temperature around you), it will not make it hotter inside the pushchair and, most importantly, it will protect your baby’s skin from sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer.

As we get asked this question so often, we decided to ask Dr. Michael de Podesta MBE, one of the UK’s leading chartered physicists and a member of the Institute of Physics to explain the science behind the colour-versus-heat question.

Our Thermal Physicist Explains:

“It might seem that a white shade would be cooler but in fact the colour of the shade makes almost no difference! When it’s sunny, the best way to keep your baby cool is keep him or her out of direct sunlight. And for this, an opaque shade is best.

“In direct sunlight a typical baby is exposed to almost 100 watts of heat input and their delicate skin is exposed to intense UV. The best thing to help your baby control their temperature and to keep their skin protected is to keep them in the shade.

A dark shade is definitely better than a light shade that will still allow some of the light through. A shade that protects from all angles is best of all."

Some Facts About Sun Protection

  • If it is a hot day with no breeze, you should take action to avoid your baby getting sunstroke. Sunstroke is a serious condition where the body overheats to 400 C and is caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It is extremely dangerous and can cause damage to the muscles, kidneys, heart and brain. Remove excess clothing and get your baby into the shade as soon as possible.
  • Prams and car seats are made from dense fabric and metal that may heat up in hot weather. If the hood is raised, then hot air has nowhere to go, which can make it stuffy. If this is the case, we suggest you open any ventilation panels, retract the hood and use SnoozeShade to allow maximum airflow.

Parents Often Comment On How Surprised They Are When It Feels Cooler Inside The Pram On a Hot Day:

“The mesh material allows air in, while keeping the light out. The interior of the carriage also stays nice and cool.”

“It worked a treat, he fell straight to sleep every night and it seemed a lot cooler in his pushchair then it did in the entertainment venue, which was an added bonus as he suffers from severe eczema and the heat irritates him.”

“I have used it on the beach during our vacation and my 7 month old went right to sleep. The material lets air in but keeps the sunlight out. People were asking if my son was baking underneath and I offered to let them place their hand under to see just how cool it was inside.”

“My son naps best when it’s dark. It’s breathable so he doesn’t sweat. It’s always attached to our stroller. We love it!”

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