For infant car seats

Want to protect your baby from the sun and need a baby car seat sun shade for your infant car seat? You're in the right place.

Designed by a mum, SnoozeShade is Britain's best-selling range of baby sunshades and sleep aids. All SnoozeShade products provide high level sun protection and, most importantly, help babies sleep.

Did you know?  Doctors worldwide recommend that babies aged under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight. This is because their skin is too delicate for sunscreen and does not have enough melanin to prevent sunburn yet. Our unique infant car seat canopies give the best 360 degree protection for your baby (source

The sun canopy for most infant car seats does not provide all around protection whilst SnoozeShade car seat canopies protect all around and can also prevent people from being tempted to touch your baby. It also keeps bright sun out of little eyes whilst baby can enjoy the sights in the shade.

This award-winning infant car seat canopy fits most popular Group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle.

Our black versions protects baby from up to 99% of UV rays (UPF50+) whilst silver Deluxe blocks up to 97.5%.

Want your nap-fighting baby to sleep on-the-go? SnoozeShade can help. Sleep begets sleep and a baby who sleeps well during the day sleeps better at night. Daytime naps lower cortisol levels in baby's bloodstream so you don't end up with a baby who is wired but too tired to nod off at bedtime.

All SnoozeShade products are SUPER SAFE and are designed to meet the same stringent safety standards as a toy for a newborn.

We use only the strongest (and most expensive) zips, there are no long straps that could be an entrapment or strangulation hazard. No cute buttons or dinky hooks that could be pulled off by determined little fingers. These products are not the cheapest on the market but the quality is high and no expense spared in making them safe.

Most importantly, SnoozeShades aren't just for summer! They can be used year-round to protect baby from insects, wind, chill and even light rain.