For travel cots, cots & cot beds

We have three versions of SnoozeShade designed to fit different styles of travel cot, cot and cot bed.

For travel cots:

Most standard rectangular travel cots take a mattress sized around 95cm x 65cm (37.4" x 25.6").

There is also a triangular style of travel crib eg BabyBjorn, Guava Lotus, Nuna Sena and Phil&Teds.  SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is a great fit for them

For cots:

If your cot or travel cot takes a mattress no larger than 60cm x 120cm - then SnoozeShade for Cots is for you.

For cot beds:

Designed for cot beds that take a 140cm x 70cm mattress