Andrea Grace – The Gentle Sleep Solution

Andrea is a trained health visitor and baby sleep guru who offers a personalised sleep training service, either in person, by telephone or Skype (she has also written a book to help parents teach themselves her solution). Andrea helps you to understand the reason why your baby is having sleep problems and then encourages you to follow a very clear but also gentle method.

The plan you follow is personalised to your child, so will differ for everyone. But these are the basics: 

It’s important to make bedtime pleasant and fun for everyone, so switch off the phone and TV and get into a good ‘bath, story, milk, cot’ routine from the early weeks.

Andrea suggests that even in the early weeks you introduce a consistent bedtime routine and avoid having your baby fall asleep in your arms or at the breast. Always place them into the cot whilst they are awake and if they cry, spend a few nights beside them, helping them to feel safe and familiar there. She advises you to teach your baby that the cot is a safe and permanent sleeping place – so no bringing them into your bed with you during the night! She also helps you to understand your baby’s night feeds and when it is safe and necessary to drop them.

As a qualified health visitor, she can support you in managing your baby’s health issues, such as reflux, food intolerances/allergies and longer term medical problems. Firstly, you’ll create a sleep diary from which, alongside a very detailed discussion with you, Andrea designs your baby’s personalised sleep plan. She then works with you to hand hold, support and advise you for four weeks as you put your plan into action. Her success rate is over 98%.

Might suit parents who:  Want someone by their side, having reached the end of their tether!

Might not suit parents who:  Are on a budget. This obviously costs more than a book does (although see below for Andrea’s book to teach you her technique), but the methods are totally tailored to you so might be well worth it.

Best age to try it at:  Any age. The service is totally personalised.

Mums say:   ‘Andrea has a very gentle way about her, which I liked. As soon as you start talking about your problems she makes you feel at ease. After lots of difficulties, putting Julian to sleep now is a piece of cake. I just pop him in his cot, he rolls over and sleeps anywhere between eleven and thirteen hours. Getting our sleep back was absolute heaven – Andrea was worth every penny!’ Chantelle Goetsch, mum to baby Julian.

Want to read the book? Andrea Grace’s Gentle Sleep Solutions: Teach Yourself

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