Because we get so many lovely opportunities to do collaborations with influencers, baby sleep experts and brands we often need to provide images.

Please don't go off hunting for images randomly online as SnoozeShade has been around for 14 years (and counting) and we have some truly dreadful and old pictures online that we never want to see again 🤣

To make it simpler we have added some digital images and assets to the GoAffPro (GAP) platform so if you are already an affiliate you just log in as normal and head to Marketing Tools on the top bar (see image)

Then click on Media Assets and it'll show you what folders are available.  

For product images we have created 3 types - one is a cutout on a white background, one is a cutout with a transparent background and then we have a few lifestyle images too.

For logo we have two options - a plain logo on a transparent background and a round logo.


If you need something specific then just let us know and we can add it.

If you don't have a GAP account you can either create one by going here ➡️  GAP UK sign up  

Images are currently just on our UK GAP account.

Or, if you don't want to sign up for GAP, then please message us and we can give you our dummy account log in details.