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You’re a parent – of course you need more sleep in your life! But did you know that if you’re working on getting your baby to sleep more at night, you need to get their daytime naps on track?

It’s a scientific fact that sleep breeds sleep. A baby who gets enough sleep in the day is more likely to fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer at night.

But wait… if your baby won’t nap in their pram or pushchair, does that mean your only options are to stay home all day every day, or go out and risk overtired meltdowns and another terrible night?

Fear not. There is another way!

SnoozeShade Original is the UK’s favourite pram and pushchair shade for babies from birth to six months. Invented by a UK mum who was once in your shoes, it safely shuts out light (and – bonus – 99% of UV rays) to get your little one sleeping soundly while you’re out and about.

✅ Suitable from birth

✅ Exceeds UK safety standards

✅ Compatible with any pram or pushchair

From just £19.99 with FREE UK Postage


How does it work?
SnoozeShade is recommended by all the UK's leading baby-sleep consultants.

Why? Because it works!
By instantly transforming your pram or pushchair into a calm and comfortingly dark space, it creates the perfect environment for the buggy nap of (your) dreams.

Think of SnoozeShade as your portable blackout blind!

😴 Air-permeable fabric safely shuts out 94% of light

😴 Darkness stimulates the production of melatonin, aka ‘the sleepy hormone’

😴 The outside world is blurred, so if your baby stirs at the end of their sleep cycle, there are no visual distractions to latch on to. And so, they go back to sleep!

“But can’t I just hang a blanket over the pram?”

☝️ That, right there, is one of the main reasons SnoozeShade founder Cara invented this game-changing product.

Cara invented SnoozeShade for her daughter, Holly, who was a champion dodger of pram naps. Refusing to be confined to the house every day, Cara looked for a solution and soon learned that draping a muslin/blanket/coat over a pram is simply not safe. Those kinds of fabrics are not air permeable, so they prevent air from circulating into and out of the pram. Plus, they can easily come loose and fall onto your baby.

To say Cara is safety-obsessed is an understatement (after all, she created SnoozeShade for her own precious baby). That’s why you can count on SnoozeShade not only to transform your baby’s daytime naps, but to keep them safe in more ways than one:


Scientifically tested air-permeable fabric 
Our scientifically tested fabric is completely air permeable, which means air passes through it freely. If you hold a SnoozeShade up to your face, you’ll find you’re able to breathe comfortably. (Now try that with a blanket 😰) 


Every component is safe enough for a newborn 
Products like SnoozeShade are only required by law to be safe enough for a three-year-old, because technically it’s being used by an adult. That wasn’t good enough. Cara puts SnoozeShade through rigorous testing to ensure every component meets the same strict safety regulations as a newborn toy. 


Maximum UPF 50+ protection
Cara invented SnoozeShade sleep in mind, but the fabric she so invented had another incredible safety benefit.  It blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting baby’s delicate skin and eyes while you’re out and about. This is so important for babies under six months old, because their skin burns easily but is too delicate for sunscreen.

Sneak-a-peek zips

No product on earth can replace parental supervision to keep your baby safe. That’s why SnoozeShade features a sneak-a-peek zip, so you can easily check on your sleeping beauty without letting in too much light and waking them.

See how easy it is to use!

SnoozeShade Original fits absolutely any single-width pram or pushchair with a hood. And it takes just seconds to attach! Use it in four different ways to keep your baby safe and your nap routine on track while you’re on the go.

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99% of our customers would recommend SnoozeShade to a friend!


FREE two-year warranty

It’s extremely rare that SnoozeShade products develop a fault. But if the unexpected should occur, you have the peace of mind of our standard one-year warranty, and can choose to extend it to two years absolutely free.


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More sleep + naptime freedom + safe sun protection for less than £20?

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