Hello and welcome!

It's hard to believe that an idea in my head as a new mum has now helped hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide over the last 10 years.

I love 🥰💕😍 that so many baby sleep consultants use and recommend my products.  As we have had so many experts wanting to work with us, I thought it was helpful to put how to get in touch with us in one place.

We use 1️⃣ email address to make it simpler sleepexperts@snoozeshade.com and ask that you tell us the following 3️⃣ things when you get in touch (it makes things a lot quicker).

Please tell us:

  1. Where you are based - UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore
  2. Which social media channels we can find you on
  3. How you found out about SnoozeShade

✅ That's it - simple!

We know you are a small independent business just like us and so we like to help and support you where we can. 

  • We often suggest (if you don't already have one) that you open an Amazon influencer store so you can earn revenue from the products you recommend. (Just google it for more info).
  • We can provide coupon codes for your clients and followers.
  • And, we like to share your name and knowledge as we regularly write articles about helping babies and toddler sleep, travel and stay safe.

So don't be shy, say hello 👋 and drop us an email at sleepexperts@snoozeshade.com

Cara xxx

Chief Sleep Officer, SnoozeShade