Which plan is best for us?
There are no rights or wrongs with teaching your baby to sleep. It’s all about finding the solution that works best for you and your baby. Take this quiz to find out which of the sleep plans featured in this book might suit your family.

1) Pre-kids, what did you imagine being a mum would be like?
a) Very much like my life before but with the bonus of a baby! Lots of fun, but I believe it’s important that the baby fits around you to a certain extent.
b)  Hours and hours of just staring into my baby’s eyes. I knew there’d be tough times but it’s all part of the experience.
c)  Lots of compromise. I knew everything was going to change and that some of it would be wonderful but I’d occasionally miss my old life.
d)  I had no idea! I really went into it with my eyes closed! On the one hand I had no preconceptions or worries, on the other – wow! What a wake-up call!

2) How do you feel when you wake to hear your baby crying?
a) Crying a bit is a normal part of being a baby, isn’t it? If I rush straight in she’ll know that’s how to get my attention. If I know she’s well, not hungry and doesn’t need changing, then she’s fine for a minute or two, and it’s good for her to learn to soothe herself.
b) I can’t get to her quick enough. I hate listening to my baby cry. She’s still so little. I can’t bear the thought that if she stops crying eventually it’s because she thinks I won’t come, and I worry that might somehow be damaging for her.
c) I wonder if there’s something wrong or not. If I’m satisfied she’s fine but just having a whinge I will go in but I won’t rush. Who knows, if I leave it a minute, she might stop before I put my slippers on and I’ll get to stay in bed!
d) Sheer panic! I have no idea what’s wrong and no idea what to do. I’ll probably go in, get her out of her cot and then my partner and I will end up having a row about whether or not it was the right thing to do.

3) Which of these is closest to how your friends would describe you?
a) Organised, capable and confident. She’s not a woman to be messed with. She knows what she wants and is always happy to help someone else sort out their life, too. Occasionally strays into control-freak territory but she always means well and that’s what we love about her.
b)  Warm, caring and kind. She values family and friendship above all else and wants nothing but to make people happy. Sometimes she’s too much of a pushover, but that’s just her – she’d always put others before herself – it’s what makes her happy.
c) She’s a salt of the earth type of woman. Honest, thoughtful and no nonsense. She’s the first person you’d go to in a crisis because she’ll always give a balanced viewpoint whatever her own feelings are about a subject. You wouldn’t call her boring because, hey – she’s great! But she can usually be relied upon to sit on the fence and then make the safe decision.
d) She’s a bit of a worrier. She’s always concerned about doing the right thing, she’ll ask everyone for their opinion on a problem and then probably be frozen by not knowing which option to go for. She’ll try any new fad going but doesn’t always follow something
through to its natural conclusion. Life with her is never boring but she does tend towards the drama llama occasionally! She values friendship and loyalty highly and her friends are her first port of call in a crisis.

4) How would you describe your baby?
a)  A bundle of fun! He’s full of energy and is go, go, go until his head hits the pillow. He’s a pretty good eater or sleeper but woe betide you if you mess with his regime. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and as long as he gets it he’s a dream.
b)  He’s a sensitive soul at times, but he loves nothing more than a cuddle with Mummy – that seems to solve any problem.
c)  Ask me again tomorrow! Seriously? Depends which way the wind’s blowing. Some weeks he plays merry hell with me, others he’s a total angel. The one thing he’s taught me is that with babies, nothing ever stays the same – the bad phases always pass, but sadly the good phases never hang around for ever either!
d)  It’s hard to say. I worry that he didn’t get off to a flying start and had a few issues settling into a feeding and sleeping routine. Problem is, we’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help. I’m sure he knows I’m clueless, too! He has a wise look he gives me that just says ‘I know you’re winging it, Mummy!’

The results

Mostly ‘a’
You’re a Routine Fiend. You can be a tough cookie but that stands you in good stead when the chips are down. You and your baby might get on well trying Gina
Ford’s, Tizzie Hall’s or Richard Ferber’s methods.

Mostly ‘b’
You’re a Peace At Any Price Parent. You don’t want to let your baby cry – why should he when you’re right there, after all? It’s tough at times but sometimes – just sometimes – you’re actually secretly pleased to see that little gummy face at 3am. Doesn’t last forever does it? You might like to try Elizabeth Pantley’s or Kim West’s methods, or book a session with Andrea Grace.

Mostly ‘c’
You’re a Middle-of-the-road Mummy. You don’t believe in faddy parenting ideas. A good dollop of common sense has seen you through most of life’s ups and downs, so why should this be any different? You should probably try Tracy Hogg, Jo Tantum, Jo Frost or Kim West as a starting point for sleep training.

Mostly ‘d’
You’re a Panicky Parent – but who isn’t just a teensy bit, eh? You’re crazy about the new love of your life but are just starting to realise what a huge responsibility it is and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. You might benefit from a bit of hand-holding and it could be worthwhile investing in a personalised sleep plan with phone support. Try Andrea Grace, or Mandy Gurney at The Millpond Sleep Clinic.

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