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COMING SOON.... EAT, SNOOZE, POOP, REPEAT - 60 day baby logbook, tracker and memory book (150 pages)

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Apps are great but sometimes it’s just easier to write things down on paper!

Time flies in the first few months of a newborn baby’s life and this practical daily baby logbook and planner will help you take control (whatever time of day or night it is)

It enables you to keep track of all your baby's activities and gives an easy to follow structure to your day.

It's also a practical memory book as you can easily make quick notes on special moments when it happens.

The struggle of baby brain is real!

It’s hard to remember everything so each diary page is geared up to help you stay organised as well as capturing special memories with your baby.

Designed by Cara, the mum who invented SnoozeShade to keep track of each day - it's the ideal 24 hour daily baby tracker - designed by a mum for mums (and dads) and covers 60 days.   

It makes it easy to give an overview of baby’s feeding, sleeping and nappy/diaper habits to your doctor, maternity nurse, health visitor or midwife.

Each diary page has space for notes to jot down things that you want to remember, things to buy, meds, tummy time and other activities quickly and easily

Features include:

• EAT:  Keep track of feeding (breastfeeding (left & right) and bottle feeding)

• SNOOZE: Monitor sleeping and naps (when and for how long)

• POOP: Nappy changes (wet or dirty)

• REPEAT:  Each planner lasts for 60 days

• Keep a diary of doctor and health care visits/immunisations

• 2 pages per 24 hour period

• Small and compact (perfect size to keep in your change bag or handbag)

• Approx A5 (8.5” x 5.5” with 150 pages)

Perfect for new parents as a practical and useful new baby present or baby shower gift