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How to manage holiday disruptions to your baby's sleep patterns

6 Ways to Manage Holiday Disruptions To Your Baby's Sleep

Holidays. Christmas. The clocks changing. Sickness and teething. Sometimes, it feels like a never-ending stream of things being sent to try us and our baby's ability to sleep.

These disruptions can often interrupt your baby’s sleep routine and sometimes cause even the best sleeper to have a few restless nights. 

How do you roll with the punches and get your baby back to their routine in a way that works for them and for you? Christmas, New Year and other national holidays such as Easter and Bank Holidays are times when it’s great to catch up with family, friends and people you haven’t seen for ages.

You have to travel, that you have guests staying and is likely to mean more noise around the place. Either way, it is disrupting enough for you - let alone your baby. If you are taking trips to visit people by car, you may find that baby falls asleep on the way there and back which may not be at their usual nap time. The result could be that your baby either sleeps through visits (so nobody gets to play with them) or they are overtired and scream the place down. 

Three Ways to Avoid An Overtired Baby 

  1. Try to plan any trips so you travel at what would be baby’s usual nap time. Many babies find it easier to drift off to sleep when they are in motion, so this may be beneficial and you get a longer nap from it.
  2. Try to put your baby to sleep for at least one nap in a cot or travel cot, so that he doesn’t get so used to falling asleep in the car that it becomes the only way he will nod off. Remember to use your SnoozeShade to create a more serene environment!
  3. Having a travel cot, carrycot or moses basket you can take with you will help your baby sleep, as it will feel and smell familiar. 

If You're Going to Visit Other People, Follow These Simple Rules

  1. As above, if you’re able to travel at your baby’s usual nap time, they will arrive happy and contented and will be more likely to enjoy meeting new people. They will also be better able to cope with more noise and chaos than usual.  
  2. Take all you need for your visit, including clothes and sleep cues such as their sleeping bag and comforter. 
  3. Try to use a darker, quiet room when it’s nap time – ask your host which room is best.  

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