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Choosing the right SnoozeShade pram sunshade for you

Choosing the right SnoozeShade pram sunshade for you

One of the most common questions we get at SnoozeShadeHQ is "I want to get a SnoozeShade but does it fit my buggy or pram?" but our answer is not a straight yes.

The key thing when choosing which SnoozeShade will work best for you and your little one is not the type of pram or stroller - but the age and sitting position of your little one.

So, if your little one is:

    The exception to this is if you have a 0-6m old and are using a jogging or 3-wheeled buggy.  An Original will fit but you'll have an easier time with a SnoozeShade Plus or Plus Deluxe and can use until your little one is out of the stroller completely.

    We've also put together a number of charts that explain the differences between each type of product - these are on the product page so just scroll down.

    I've also popped them here for speed.


    Differences between SnoozeShade Originals

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