SnoozeShade for prams and buggies

Doctors worldwide state that babies under six months must be kept completely out of direct sunlight, because their skin contains very little melanin (so they burn more easily) but is too sensitive for sunscreen. You can introduce sunscreen from six months, but even then it’s so important to keep your little one in the shade as much as possible.

Made from scientifically tested air-permeable fabric, SnoozeShade pram and pushchair shades safely block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, creating shade for your child while protecting their delicate skin and eyes. Our innovative fabric also shuts out 94% of light and blurs distractions, which encourages your little one to sleep on the go and helps keep your nap routine on track!

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SnoozeShade for infant car seats

Compatible with all Group 0 and 0+ car seats with a rigid carry handle, SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats gives your baby 360-degree protection from the sun. This is especially important from birth to six months, as your baby’s skin contains very little melanin, which means they burn easily.

Both the Original and Deluxe versions of our car-seat canopy are made from our better-than-breathable fabric that lets air flow freely while blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. Use them in shade mode when your baby is awake, or in snooze mode to create a comfortingly dark space and establish healthy on-the-go sleep habits from day one.

SnoozeShade for travel cots & cots

Going on holiday? Visiting friends or family? If you’ve got a little one in tow you might be wondering how you’re going to get them to sleep while room-sharing with the rest of the family, or in a bright or unfamiliar space.

Made from better-than-breathable fabric that allows air to flow freely, our cot and travel-cot shades safely block out 94% of light and blur distractions to help your little one switch off and sleep. Use them whenever and wherever you need an instant cot-blackout solution!

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Gift ideas

If you’re looking for a gift for an expectant or new parent, look no further!

Eat, Snooze, Sleep, Repeat is a compact baby logbook, originally designed by SnoozeShade inventor Cara to keep track of her own baby’s daily sleeps, feeds, nappy changes, appointments and all the other information that floats around in a new parent’s head!

Prefer to let your recipient choose from our entire collection? A SnoozeShade gift card is just the ticket! Simply select a value and we’ll email it to you or straight to them on your behalf.