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Winter Essentials for the Whole Family

5 Winter Essentials To Keep The Whole Family Cozy

When the clocks go back and winter is just around the corner, don’t let cold weather hamper your enjoyment of the great outdoors!

Getting outside works wonders for your mental wellbeing and is a proven pick me up. Fresh air works well for getting a baby to sleep, too.

Here are some of our favourite products to help you and your baby keep toasty and dry.

Buggy gloves are a godsend when you're strolling in the cold. You need your hands free when you're not pushing your buggy to pick up the dropped dummy, text your pal to put the kettle on or zip up that fiddly coat on your toddler. These pram mitts (invented by a mum) stay attached to the pram handle so you can just slip your hands in and out when you need to - genius! 

Buggy Gloves

Little hands need to be kept warm too so, if you've got a scooter-mad kid, you can't go wrong with super warm scooter muffs that work in the same way as the buggy version! There are a variety of patterns to choose from. 

Buy Scooter Muff

Thermal socks keep your toes toasty even when you're stomping through puddles in your wellies. These autumnal colours will make you smile as you kick up some leaves.  

Buy Thermal Socks

A puddle suit is great for all seasons as it can be popped on over coats and trousers in winter, or over normal clothes on a summery but wet day. Regatta stock them from toddler size upwards. They make great hand-me-downs too as they're so durable and relatively less worn than normal outerwear.

Buy Puddle Suit


We have to admit these lined, waterproof, cosy boots may not be the height of fashion but for they will last for years and see you through snow, frost and more - but will your buggy keep up? 

Buy Warm Boots

Cosy AND cute hats are a must, and ones that keep little necks and shoulders warm too are even better! This one comes in a variety of colours and is just super cute with fleecy ears!

Buy Cute Winter Hats
What are your go to winter essentials?
Let us know about your favourites either here or on social media! 
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