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How to use SnoozeShade on a plane with an airplane bassinet or sky cot

How to use SnoozeShade on a plane with an airplane bassinet or sky cot

Travelling by plane with your baby? Here’s how SnoozeShade can help you have a smooth journey

Traveling with baby can be a tricky time and parents can feel out of control as nap times and sleep routines are disrupted.

One question that is often asked is whether SnoozeShade can be used over your baby’s sky cot or airline bassinet.

The answer is yes and actually, your SnoozeShade can be used in many more ways than you would have thought possible, on both long and short haul flights.

Here are some of the ways that your SnoozeShade can be your best friend when travelling with a baby or toddler.

Many of our happy parents have reported very creative ways to use SnoozeShade:

  • Use SnoozeShade Plus Extra or Plus Deluxe over your baby’s stroller at the airport until you board your flight. Your little one will have somewhere comforting, calm and familiar to go to sleep, even in a busy airport. No problems if your flight is delayed!
  • Going to a hot, sunny country? No problem, as SnoozeShade blocks harmful UV rays and keeps your baby’s skin safe from the sun.
  • Heading to another time zone? You can keep your baby’s sleep routine by creating a dark environment inside the pushchair, allowing your little one to transition to the new time zone gradually.
  • Hiring a car at your travel destination? Taking your car seat on the plane? Use your SnoozeShade over the car seat to help you keep your baby’s sleep routine on track or you can use it over the car window and it'll protect your baby from UV rays in the car.
  • No blinds or curtains at your holiday house? Baby waking early with the sun? If the venue has a travel cot or cot you can use SnoozeShade for Travel Cots or SnoozeShade for Cots to encourage your baby to sleep a little longer in the morning and to get good naps during the day.
  • Heading to a country where there are more flies and bugs than usual? SnoozeShade protects against mosquitoes, midges and other biting bugs.
  • Use your SnoozeShade as a shade for the plane’s bassinet by placing a baby toy arch over the bassinet, then add SnoozeShade over the top. This creates a hood similar to that on a carrycot (see the picture below).
  • Use SnoozeShade to create a calm environment over your plane seat (good for you as well as baby) on a short-haul flight to block out bright cabin lights - see the video and image below.

Parents use SnoozeShade onboard a plane

Get a helpful toy arch like this to place over the bassinet.

Using SnoozeShade inflight on a plane

Which bassinet or air cot will your airline provide?

If you are not sure which kind of kind of plane bassinet your airline will offer you, there is a great resource that can help you find out before you fly. Carrie Bradley, creator of Flying With A Baby has over 12 year’s flying experience as a long haul flight attendant to over 60 destinations worldwide. Her helpful website will show you which kind of airplane bassinet or sky cot the airline you are flying with will have onboard.

Please also remember that every airline has different rules about what can be used on a plane - and the ultimate decision always lies with the crew - regardless of what head office do or don't allow.

Here are some comments from grateful customers

 SnoozeShade customer travel comments

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