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SnoozeShade loves indoor toys for babies and toddlers

SnoozeShade loves indoor toys for babies and toddlers

Whether it's the wintry weather keeping you indoors or a global pandemic meaning you're living under restrictions we're all spending a lot of time indoors right now.  We've put together some of our favourite activities for toddlers to play with at home that will help keep the boredom at bay during the day! 

The SnoozeShade team are all mums, so we put our heads together to share our favourite toys for little ones...

 Colourful sensory toys

All of these toys are not only nice and bright but they can also be used in many ways. The soft scarves can be used for peek-a-boo, dancing, crawling under and hiding other toys for your baby to find. The sensory balls can be a good activity for getting your baby to start crawling or rolling as the balls escape them.  


Wooden toys

Wooden toys last forever, are able to withstand even the roughest toddler and they look lovely on your shelves too when not in use! You can encourage fine motor skills with all of these, as well as starting to identify colours and shapes.

Pretend play

Kids learn by watching us, and love to mimic what adults do! All of these will help them to feel like they're doing just what you and the adults around them do, but without the risks of losing your keys or hurting themselves while cooking.


Retro toys

Finally,  here's a selection of toys that might just remind you of your own childhood... we know a lot of these toys are still rattling around in toy boxes at playgroups but they're always in demand.


Have you got any more favourite toys that your little one can't get enough of? 

Indoor toys for babies and toddlers


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