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Keep baby’s room cool in summer

Keep baby’s room cool in summer

Many parents worry about their baby being in a hot room in summer. We show you how to keep your baby’s nursery cool in summer and help your baby sleep safely.

A safe sleeping environment is crucial for babies, as overheating can lead to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your little one can also get very uncomfortable and miserable if their room is too hot. Babies can’t regulate their temperature as well as adults can and can’t take off bedding or clothing, so it’s very important to check the temperature in the nursery and adjust your baby’s bedding and what they wear accordingly.

Don’t worry though, as it’s fairly easy to create a cool and inviting nursery for the few days of the year when the Great British Summer finally arrives.

What temperature should my baby’s room be?

Your baby’s nursery should be between 160 and 200 C (60.8 to 680F), with the aim that it’s around 180C. Get yourself a good room thermometer - or you may have a baby monitor that shows the temperature – check the instructions, as this may be a feature you are unaware of.

In very hot weather, you will want to cool the room down. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Keep blinds or curtains drawn during the day, so that the sun can’t warm up the room
  • Turn on an electric fan to keep the air moving
  • You might want to invest in a portable air conditioning unit, or an air purifier that has a cooling function
  • Open windows to create a natural breeze. If you have sash windows, lower the top one and raise the bottom one so that warmer air can escape from the top while cool air comes in at the bottom
  • Open windows on the other side of the house and keep doors open, to create a breeze through the house

Ways to cool your baby down

As well as trying to cool the nursery, there are some clever tricks to cool your baby down too.

  • After a cool bath, don’t dry your baby off too much; damp skin keeps your little one cool and as the moisture evaporates, it takes some of the heat with it
  • Leave your baby in just a body suit (a vest with no legs or arms but that does up with poppers under the bottom) and a nappy
  • If it’s really hot, just dress your baby in a nappy. If you’re still swaddling, a nappy and the lightest muslin wrap is all you need
  • Sprinkle a muslin with cold water and lay it over your baby’s legs and feet
  • If your baby is used to a sleeping bag, choose a 0.5 Tog bag with just a nappy underneath

How do I know if my baby is too hot?

If you feel too warm, it’s a good bet that your baby does too. Feel the back of their neck or the chest to see how warm they are – the feet and hands are not a good indicator.

Generally speaking, experts agree that a baby should be dressed in the same number of layers as you, plus one, as they are not moving around. When the weather is really warm, you want as little clothing on them as possible so if you feel comfortable sleeping naked, your baby will just  need a vest or very light sleepsuit over their nappy.  See how helpful feature on what your baby should wear in bed.  In the daytime, you can allow some nappy-free, naked time out in the shade of the garden (following our sun safety tips of course).

Some babies sweat more than others and that’s not a problem, as the sweat will help cool your little one.

Don’t worry

Don’t be too concerned about the weather being hot – it doesn’t usually last long, for a start! Just make sure you follow the tips above and prevent your baby from being exposed to the sun when you are out and about by using your SnoozeShade.

Finally, always keep your little one well hydrated, put your baby to sleep on their back and never cover their head.



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