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Lucy Shrimpton The Sleep Nanny® shares her top tips for a good night's sleep

Lucy Shrimpton The Sleep Nanny® shares her top tips for a good night's sleep

It’s been a tough time for everyone over the past year and one of the big victims of the pandemic has been a full night’s sleep. In fact, at The Sleep Nanny we’ve experienced a 300% rise in calls from worried parents desperate for help in overcoming sleepless nights. 

So here are my top pieces of advice to help sleep deprived families get back to a happier and healthier life, even during the most strange of times. 

For Babies and toddlers 

  • The most important thing for babies and toddlers is consistency. Get them into a regular, consistent bedtime routine, at the same time and place each evening. You can start this from as early as two to three weeks.  
  • Create an environment for your baby that is dark, calm and quiet. Make sure there are no busy mobiles above the cot and if your baby is sleeping in your room, no electronic devices on.  
  • If your toddler wakes up early, don’t be tempted to put them to bed later. The number one reason why toddlers wake up early is over-tiredness so a period of early nights should remedy this.  
  • Keep your nap times consistent during the day. Sustain these naps until they are around three and a half or four years old. Little children with really alert temperaments will appear not to need need (or want!) these naps but they actually need it more and for longer than their more laid back peers.  Children over three and above who are sleeping a sold 12 hours a night probably won’t need a nap.  
  • Pick up put down – if your baby seems to be fussing in their own sleep space, go in, pick them up, calm them and put them back down again, giving them the chance to adjust to their own sleep space.  
  • If your little one struggles to sleep on the go and you could use the flexibility of a pram nap from time to time, using a SnoozeShade is an excellent way to create a calmer and darker environment for sleeping in the stroller. It also offers UV protection so we are big fans of this excellent product. 
  • If you are really struggling to get your baby to sleep and sustain a regular sleep pattern then get help from a professional sleep nanny. There is really no need to suffer and you are jeopardising your and your family’s health and wellbeing. And with online zoom calls, it’s easier than ever to get that help. 


About The Sleep Nanny® 

Lucy Shrimpton is an author, speaker, trainer and mother of two who knows first hand what it’s like to feel extreme sleep deprivation and face challenges with infant sleep. Lucy’s extensive learning in sleep consulting are accredited by The Royal College of Nursing and The Royal College of Paediatric & Child Health.   

Through The Sleep Nanny Academy™ Lucy trains people to become certified sleep consultants and continues to mentor in her graduate programme. Combining insights from psychology, sleep, parenting and wellness, Lucy is able to help parents all over the world to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Lucy also has an award winning  podcast – The Sleep Nanny Show where she interviews well-known parenting entrepreneurs and influencers about their experiences and gives advice.  

For more information visit / @sleepnannyofficial (Instagram) 


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