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Mandy Gurney - The Millpond Sleep Clinic

Spotlight on baby sleep expert: Mandy Gurney - The Millpond Sleep Clinic

Mandy Gurney is a qualified nurse, midwife, health visitor and baby massage instructor. She brings all that experience to her role as founder of the Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic where sleep therapists take a holistic approach to solving children’s sleep issues, looking at every aspect of their lives, from diet to physical and emotional wellbeing. The clinic boasts a 97 per cent success rate.

How it works: There’s no one main method used at the clinic. Parents buy a ‘sleep package’ – a set number of phone consultations for support along with a sleep plan tailored to you and your child. The methods adopted will depend entirely on your personalities, needs and particular issues. There’s a package aimed specifically at young babies, and even one for twins and siblings.You can also buy the clinic’s book (see below), which is a great no-nonsense guide to getting over all sorts of sleep issues from naps to night terrors, and is often recommended by health visitors.

Might suit parents who: Feel in need of a bit of extra support or would like a customised solution.

Might not suit parents who: Are on a tight budget. It’s not a cheap option, with packages costing around £300. You can, however, buy a one-off consultation for much less or read the book.

Best age to try it at: Plans are adapted to your particular age and stage.

Mums say:  ‘I liked being told exactly what to do as I felt like I had tried lots of approaches to sleep training but was not being consistent with any of them. Mandy gave me a choice of techniques to choose from, which was great for me. It was good to know that Mandy had been in my shoes as a mum but also that she had lots of experience as a professional – she gave me loads of helpful tips and ideas.

I never felt rushed on the phone to her and felt like she always listened to my thoughts and was able to suggest various ideas and solutions to help us personally. ‘For me, the best part was that Mandy was so supportive and encouraging. You rarely receive any praise being a mum and it was so nice to hear her reassuring words and know that I was doing the best thing for my little boy.’ Alex Jackson, mum to Jake, 10 months.

Read the book here:  Teach Your Child to Sleep: Solving Sleep Problems from Newborn Through Childhood by Mandy Gurney

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