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SnoozeShade around the world

We're so proud of the fact that SnoozeShade is shipped worldwide, meaning that more and more babies are being protected from the sun, and able to enjoy lots of lovely sleep on the go. From one small idea, something wonderful has grown! To celebrate, we want to create a virtual map of SnoozeShade around the world. We'd love you to share your snaps and your tales of your trips with your SnoozeShade, and we'd love to feature them on the blog too.

Can you help?

We have a wonderful group of bloggers here in the UK who have been putting the SnoozeShade to the test, and this is where they've been so far!

The lovely Lucy took Potato to the Caribbean with  her SnoozeShade- lucky Lucy!

SnoozeShade in the caribbeanLucy that her SnoozeShade was the 'perfect accessory' and that she wishes had discovered them sooner! (photo courtesy of

The equally as lovely Jennie took her SnoozeShade twin to Spain for a sunny 'familymoon'

and she says that 'We used the Snoozeshade on the beach for a morning nap, along the promenade for an after lunch siesta, for an early morning stroll through the village. It enabled us to leave the house for longer periods of time without depriving the babies of sleep or upsetting their routine. We also felt confident keeping them outside as the shade offers sun protection of UPF50+.'

SnoozeShade in Spain(photo courtesy of

And it's not only UK bloggers who have been jetting around with the SnoozeShade! The lovely Sara at Tis the Life took her SnoozeShade out on a training run in Australia and said, 'When fully closed up the shade is UPF 50+, and it is REALLY dark inside, when the front panel is rolled down the single layer of mesh filters 80% of the UV Rays & allows your child to look out. I have a rather large 3 wheeled pram, and I am pleased to say that the Snooze Shade Plus fits really well. '

and adds,

'I can think of numerous occasions over the past 6 months where I have draped blankets or muslin wraps over the pram – I remember when I was visiting my mother in Sydney, I actually had to purchase a blanket one day as Worm wasn’t settling and Mum & I had LOTS of Christmas shopping to get done, if we had of had the Snooze Shade Plus on the pram that day it would have been ready to use, and it would have been MUCH more convenient than trying to keep a blanket over the pram the whole day.'

High praise indeed, from a 70.3 IronMother triathlete!

Currently, we have a Pinterest board called SnoozeShade in action around the World and we're looking to fill it with lots of wondeful places (UK included), and feature a few each month. If you have a SnoozeShade, please do take snaps and tell us where you've been and we'll pin them too.

Leave a comment, or email for more information!

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